Johnny Clyde reviews: Nature Republic Collagen Dream 360 Whip Cleanser

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Nature Republic Collagen Dream 360 Whip Cleanser

First off, let's just take 15 whole minutes to appreciate even the idea of a bubble cleanser. 
Like what! 
A bubble cleanser ha! 
And now let's take another 15 minutes to mourn my disappointment upon finding out that bubble cleanser does not mean tiny bubbles float out and cleanse your skin while singing a tiny bubble cleansing song all under the stern but cute orders of the giant bubble leader, Bubble Subtle Muddle Puddle the Third. 

Regardless, this bubble cleanser was still pretty alright I guess. 

I liked that it was like whipped cream foam. It brought back many memories of being a clown and having whipped cream pies thrown in my face. (I lie) 

The way I liked to use it is spraying it on a konjac sponge, it's pretty cute.
I don't know why but it is, it's just pretty cute.
You smash all that cuteness on your face, then wash it out and let it die cold and alone in the drain. Soooo cute 

I felt like it did it's job, it served it's purpose, which is sadly all we humans care about. MY face felt smooth and clean and did not fall off. 

Overall I give it a 4 because it felt like my face was actually being cleansed and I like that..

Nature Republic Collagen Dream 360 Whip Cleanser
Cute and fluffy foam!

Mois thoughts:

This cleanser was freaking adorable! The packaging was cute and the foam was cute too. I have no idea how foam even manages to look so darling but it really does.
So you see that is my main atraction to this product. Also Johnny wanted to give ready made foams a try.
The cleanser does a good job cleansing but was no good at removing makeup. It is suitable for people who wear no makeup or as a second step cleanser as well.
It smells soft and fresh a little like powder but very faint and the foam is just like shaving cream which I personally love.

Nature Republic Collagen Dream 360 Whip Cleanser

Even though it has a super high Ph it didn't dry out my skin more than other foam cleansers. I did not use this long term so I can not comment on long term drying effects but Johnny did not notice any himself. 
I am still looking for a ready made cleansing foam that has a lower Ph since all the low Ph cleansers I find are not as convenient to me as a can. That being said I have used many great low Ph cleansers that performed better than this that I don’t have to go chasing mediocre cleansers around just because they are cute.

I think this is an ok cleanser that is something suitable for people that do not care about Ph or makeup removal powers but want something convenient, cheap and non drying.

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Ingredients: Couldn't find any
Ph: 10

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