Shiseido Hada-Senka Q10 BG Mineral Water UV Essence Gel SPF50+ PA++++

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Oh hey there, as usual season inappropriate post! Or is it?
I know that there is a lot of people who don't use sunscreen at all or if they do they only use it during the summertime/holidays/sunny days. I on the other hand (together with many others) use sunscreen daily no matter the weather or season. After all, sun rays penetrate clouds and looking like a vampire takes a little bit of work. 
My favorite type of sunscreens are still Japanese ones. I haven't tried one that has let me down yet (unlike its Korean counterparts) and am still expecting to one day get a dud since not all can be great. I got this specific one for Mother since she wanted to cut down her routine, skip the moisturizing step and replace it with a sunscreen only. This is a good way for people who are looking for that moisturizer + sunscreen kind of product to shorten their routine. According to science, the moment you have a two in one product the efficiency suffers. This is the reason why products that include sunscreen are not reliable with their sun protection. So if you still want to save some morning getting ready time, you can just grab a hydrating sunscreen instead.
And yes they exist!

I did some digging in the online universe of never ending pits of knowledge and wisdom, and came across two (to me available) sunscreens that are said to be more hydrating than most. After all, the variety of sunscreen finishes are endless, starting with the mattifying anti-oil type to dewy and moist.
Mother's skin is quite normal so the moisturising factor didn't have to be super duper strong unlike if she would have dry skin. But to be honest I think most people with dry skin could not get away with skipping a good moisturiser. 

The bottle is pretty plain with most of its writing in Japanese. It is functional and easy to use though, which is all that I really want from it. The tip is very small which makes it easy to extract an exact amount of sunscreen. It is neither too thick nor runny and I find the texture quite pleasing to be honest. Most sunscreens are either incredibly goopy or super watery and to me both of those are hard to apply properly to my face.
Once you start rubbing in the lotion it gets moist and velvety which makes it pleasant on the face. 
It definitely feels moisturising with a touch of wateriness that you get in so many Asian products. 

It absorbs quite fast and dries down to a semi satin finish. Yet instead of making your skin dry (like the sebum absorbing type) or feel exactly the same it does give your skin some sort of moisturized bounciness. To me it feels quite pleasant especially since the smell is subtle and disappears fast.

With my desert skin this sunscreen could not replace my moisturiser but I do love using it in the winter when my skin is super dry even after having applied an extensive skincare routine. 
For anyone with normal or combo skin this might very likely be able to replace your moisturizer.
The great thing about it is that it isn't heavy at all so even if you would like to use it on top of any cream you still absolutely can without drowning yourself in moistness.

I quite like this sunscreen and would absolutely repurchase if there wouldn't be so many more that I want to try!

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