Mediheal E.G.T Midnight Capping Pack Review

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While working in a cosmetics store I was lucky to try a lot of products. I tried all kinds of price ranges and types but I liked testing some of the very high end items just to see if the price was justified at all. So when Chanel's Sublimage line came out, which costs more than just an arm and a leg, I couldn't resist trying it out. The masque was the most expensive item in the lineup then, and with super dry skin, facial masks are always welcome! 
The most interesting part then was that it is not a wash off mask. This is something that was kind of unheard off six years ago. 
At least in Europe. 
Now of course sleeping masks are being sold in more and more places here thanks to the popularity of Korean Cosmetics. 
Besides the fact that you could just apply the Sublimage masque and then go to sleep it was also one of the most luxurious masks I have ever tried. It felt amazing applying it and my skin felt pretty good afterwards (not miraculous of course but good). I have been trying to find a similar budget mask since and have come up with nearly nothing until very recently. 

And in comes the Mediheal Midnight Capping Pack.
I saw this in Kosmeshop while putting together my goodie package and thought, tiny masks are always welcome! As usual I love samples and travel sets since they enable me to try more things in a shorter time.
I didn't have high hopes for this, especially since I only chose it because of the weird gooey texture on the package.
The first time I applied it though my skin sang the songs of a thousand angels. 

My goodness it feels nice on my face! 
It immediately reminded me of how wonderful the Sublimage masque texture was. It is hard to describe but it is thick without being overwhelming, just the right amount of lusciousness to be honest. 
So creamy and smooth it applies like a dream, yet the skin feels refreshed and soothed after application. 

It is quite viscous with a touch of stringiness but it does not translate to sticky on the face. 
In fact the pack sinks in surprisingly fast but in the fashion of a sleeping pack.
The scent is faintly floral and very subtle. Nothing intrusive at all.
The results for me were average. 

The thing is that somehow sleeping packs dont do much for me (no not even Channel's either). 
Some of them do nothing and some of them simply do a little bit. I don't blame the masks though since my skin is finicky, difficult to please and much too dry for almost anything.
The results with the Mediheal mask are above average compared to other sleeping packs though.
My skin is more hydrated and softer but just not in the miraculous way I would hope/other people report on getting after using sleeping packs. 

With its amazingly pleasant texture and nice results this has quickly jumped to being in my top two sleeping packs I love, and would-recommend-list. Now I just hope I can find a full size of this. Meanwhile there are still the super cheap tiny sachets which are quite full, having lasted me almost two weeks of daily use.

Ingredients: Couldn't find any

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