Music & Colours

11:31 PM Moi Sanom 1 Comments

I was talking to an 11 year old boy at a friend’s house today while he was painting a picture of a guitar. He told me that he wanted a guitar that looked just like that one for his birthday, as he painted the guitar in every single color he had. One would think that it would look somewhat chaotic but to my surprise it looked very harmonic.
by sepirgo
It made me think about how different art forms sometimes collaborate really well, in this case painting and music. It inspired me to do an arts experiment.
Write a children’s poem/song in his honor about music & colors, combining three art forms at once.
Here goes...
by misxo
If colors would be a song it would be a beautiful one
But like a true masterpiece, it would never feel completely done
First verse would feel dark, like a gloomy autumn day
The tunes would flow like a brown pallet fading into the gray
They would say, the winter will come with no delay
And as the orange sun sets, the white snow falls and the children starts to play
It would glitter in angles, like small silver dots
But the mystery of time will soon act a melting pot
The rain would come pouring in time for the chorus
But through the sunshine you’ll see the rainbow adore us
The red
The yellow
The green
The blue
The sunshine through the rain make the colors shine for us
Second verse would start bright, spring brings that light color
A hopeful season were green dominates other
They would say, the summer is soon here my brother
And as the orange sun rise it brings with it perfect weather
Life would feel golden as the skin turns brown
But the mystery of time makes the sun go down
Until next Monday, remember the kid in you and don't take life too serious too often.