Music & Countries

5:22 PM Moi Sanom 2 Comments

People say that mankind differs in many ways. Music is definitely one of those things.
But before I even get started I have to get a load of my chest. Something that’s been so confusing and illogical to me since the first time I saw it with my own eyes. What is the thought behind this phenomenon? Who actually sat down and came up with this? What’s the purpose?
What I’m talking about is River dancing and the music that comes with it! I’m convinced it’s some kind of a sect, sending signals through stiff but limber movements to their three-headed leader, sitting on a rock in distant galaxies because that shit is out of this world!

I love how different music culture is in the world though. It can really be like night and day. Take Sweden and their musical tradition “Allsång på Skansen” where all of Sweden join forces, either live on the set or on the TV set and sing along to what probably sounds like children’s songs to the rest of the world, fully dressed in traditional Swedish garment. This is what they do once a week the whole summer! Even though it looks kind of odd at times, it’s all-good because it brings the people together.

Now take the carnival in Brazil. Also traditional, but less garments!
It’s cool to think about the role of the drum in old Africa. Imagine being woken up at 4 in the morning by the beating of a heavy drum. The people on the other side understand it’s time to stand guard and prepare for battle. The warriors joining in with more drums to up the adrenaline. All you see is lit torches and vast movements, it’s war...

Music also acts as a diplomatic ambassador a couple of times a year in different competitions like Eurovision for example. And even though it usually displays corrupt neighbor countries, trading votes and very often bizarre displays of modernized traditional music, it’s all-good. Entertainment on a whole other level!
I wish I could develop my own country. I wonder how the music culture in Algoland would evolve since my inspirations are from all corners of the world. It would be an interesting experiment...
Until next Monday, go to a traditional party from a country you’re not really familiar with and see, you just might like it!