We are all mad here!

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Alice in Wonderland is like a little obsession to me. It’s not necessarily the book, or the movies that won me over. But the general feeling that Alice in Wonderland gives me. I love the absurdity of the world she lives in and the wit, or stupidity as some would say, of the characters. Sometime I feel like it’s quite a good analogy of the world we live in, and sometimes I would just love to escape into Wonderland.
Before I continue, I have to mention that I am a big Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter fan …, and that I’m slightly obsessed with Johnny Depp is no secret either.  I think each and every one of them deserves a post of themselves!

So when I found out back in 2008 that Tim Burton was planning a version of Alice I was literally jumping up and down on one leg in a circle for about a week.
I’m serious, I was that happy.
So imagine, inpatient me, knowing for 2 years that there will be a film coming out about one of my favorite stories, from one of my favorite director, starring one of my favorite actors…..
Honestly, it’s been such a long waiting time I can’t believe I'll be watching it this Friday!
Of course I have to mention that I’m slightly neurotic about not knowing anything about movies before I watch them, especially the ones I know I’m going to watch anyways. So escaping the trailer has been a very tough full time job the last two months! I have tried to put both fingers in my ears and humming really loud while burying my face in my jacket, and when that didn’t work I just started running out real fast of the cinemas with closed ears and eyes. So far I have succeeded and have only seen the humongous billboards hanging everywhere, but I can live with that.
So to share my excitement and happiness about the upcoming Alice in Wonderland film I’m having an Unbirthday sale in my Etsy and Dawanda stores right now. So for more info on that go on over and check it out…