Essence Vampire's Love Lipstain in 01 Bloody Mary review

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This is the lip tint with two layers, it is already quite dark but not as dark as with 3 Layers

Essence Vampire's Love Lipstain (8,5ml)
Blutrote Lippen – Bis zum Ende der Nacht! Der neue lipstain hüllt die Lippen in wunderschöne Rot- und Rosétöne und ist dabei besonders langanhaltend. Er ist absolut wischfest und lässt das Make-up allzeit perfekt aussehen – für die ultimative Vampir-Verführung! 

Before there was lip tints I was completely obsessed with finding a purple lipstick.
At the time, I was working as a skincare consultant and makeup artist and the only "purple" lipstick we had was from Shiseido. A lovely one at that, but sadly quite pink.
I even made it a sport to sell this outrageous looking shade to older ladies and people who don’t dare use bright colors on their faces with great success.

Not as purple as I like but still pretty
Then,  lip tints came out and unfortunately the early versions were pretty sad performance wise.
They were either super sheer and natural like Benetint or pigmented and very hard to apply and blotchy with bad staying time.
I gave up on tints and thought I was never going to find a pigmented product I could apply to my lips that lasts and doesn’t make my hair stick to it.
In comes Korean lip tints and my view on them has changed completely!
I am not saying all Korean tints are great, because they aren’t. I have used a few that just didn’t cut it quality wise, but the vast majority is about a trillion light years ahead of the early western counterparts.
After finding the perfect red and burgundy tints, I knew it was time for me to find a purple one.
The good news is that Lavender is a very popular color at the moment so I quickly snatched a few Lavender tints up.
The bad news is that they are quite pink and no where as purple as I would like.

A few weeks ago I started doing research for this creepily themed blogging month in search for some weird skincare and makeup when I discovered Essences Vampire Liptint.
I scoured the internet to buy this lip tint immediately.
The online swatches promised this tint to be purpleish and I thought I would risk it possibly being crap since the color and the packaging seemed perfect.
Also it was cheap!

It looks more purple in real life
When I received this tint I put it on so fast after I noticed that the wand was completely purple!
Oh my, oh my, this is it! This is THE purple tint I was looking for!
The first layer applies as a very purpley purple.
It is dark and sheer which translates into a vampy but not overpowering look.
The tint is very layerable.
You can go from sheer stain to full on super duper dark burgundy purple. The more you layer it the less purple it becomes since it gets so dark but it is still a visible purple color.

I have a wound and a scar on my lips. The wound soaks up more pigment and the scar less. They are next to each other and make some colors look uneven.
The application is just like any other watery tint. You just need to be careful were you put it since it stains a lot!
The tint lasts forever!
It really does, when you apply it at night and don't remove it there will be some stain left on your lips the next day.
I put some on my hand and left it on for 24 hours.
Several hand washes and application of hand cream later, it looked like this:

If you let the tint dry without blotting the color it is even stronger
The best part is that you can apply lip balm on this tint without smudging it.
It fades evenly, unless you have a wound (which I currently have), and doesn’t dry the lips out.
It smells quite lovely but I really can not describe what it smells like, it disappears as soon as it is on the lips though.
The packaging is very practical and yet not ugly at all.
I love love love this tint.
I wish they would have made more shades.
I am very impressed by Essence and if they release any more tints I will definitely pick them up.

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This is such a gorgeous purple shade that is very wearable, and I like the cheeky name as well.

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