Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping pack review

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The After Pumpkin by Johnny Clyde
Hello my dear Batlings.
It is the 3rd of October and I am just ecstatic about upcoming Halloween!
It is my favorite holiday and I have the luck to be married to another Halloween obsessed person.
I decided to make the most out of this spookalicious month and shower you all in creepyness, oddities and anything Halloween related.
To start off the October of ghastly goodies I present to you this most adorable sleepy pumpkin.
Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping pack (100ml)
Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack gives nutritions and moisture while sleeping.
Rich Pumpkin Extract with Vitamin A and Betacarotene.
Natural mild for sensitive skin and non sticky.

I had been eying Too Cool for School items for quite a while.
I love the packaging and the higher price point made me wonder if the products are actually of better quality.
As you may know, I am on a mission to find the most amazing and ultra hydrating miracle sleeping pack ever created.
This one came highly recommended by a few trusted individuals so I took the opportunity to pick it up. Killing two birds with one stone.
Of course I didn’t actually kill any birds, since I prefer them alive, but you know what I mean!
I found this pumpkin goodness for sale as a sample pack of ten a while ago and have been relishing in its smooth hydrating powers.

The art work on Too Cool for School items is to die for!
When I showed this to Johnny Clyde he almost died from cuteness since he is obsessed with Pumpkins.
After about 3 minutes of gimmegimmegimme, I relented and gave him some.
Thank god I still had plenty left for myself to test it.

The reason I love this sleeping pack the most is that is suits every skin type!
The texture is quite silky that melts into your skin when rubbed in.
It smells fruity fresh but in a subtle way. The pack feels great to apply and sinks in super fast.
To me (or Johnny Clyde) it is not the kind of sleeping pack that leaves a layer on your skin to sink in over night.
That doesn’t mean it is less potent than other packs though.
It feels refreshing and skin thirst quenching (yes my skin is definitely thirsty!).

I left it unblended so you could see the texture
After absorbing, which takes less than a minute, your skins is smoother and brighter than before.
Not the shiny kind, or the greasy kind, but the freshly hydrated and plump kind of bright.
Unfortunately, it is not my Holy Grail miracle sleeping pack, since it can’t rescue my skin from total and utter dry dehydration.
The thing is though, I never found a single product that does so!

When I was on a holiday a little while ago I brought a few new products to try and unfortunately my skin was in pretty bad condition since those moisturizer did not work out for me at all.
In my desperation, I decided to use the pumpkin pack as my day time cream as well.
I must say it worked great!
I don’t know how it would be for combo or oily skin, but it works perfectly fine for normal to dry skin.

To me this is an multipurpose product that I will definitely invite to my regular line up.
Welcome to the family little Sleepy Pumpkin!

Ph: 5
Ingredients: Here

This pack is fantastic but I will save the Wooha for my Holy Grail!
Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

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