How to look (pretty) dead Tutorial

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We are both wearing a variation of this tutorial (yes men can wear it too!)
It is October and Halloween is looming over us.
I thought this might be a great opportunity to share this tutorial with you since it might be a nice alternative for some of you to look spooky if you are not too much into theatrical make up.
I have to be honest here, I wear this look often, and not just in October.
I think I actually took these photos in March.
So, yeah, I have been wanting to post this look for quite a while.

It is no lie that I like the disheveled and slightly sickly look.
I started loving it when I was actually quite sick myself. I was practically bedridden for a year and looked quite ill. I felt awful during that time but for some strange reason my face looked great (at least for me).  I stopped using make-up completely during that period and have not really used any since. I do for looks, for fun or special occasions, but even then I usually don’t follow the rules and take a lot of short cuts. I guess what I like about this look is that it is very basic and simple, and many variations can be added depending on what level of corpsey you want to achieve.

These are the steps I used, but as I said you can add or take away which ever step you like.
Depending on my mood I mix it up to achieve a variety of pretty dead looks.

First off I applied a green primer. 

This is a great way to take away all the redness (aka blood, aka what makes you look alive) out of your face.
Since I am tan this is not something that looks natural at all.
It makes me one to two shades lighter depending on the season.
In this particular photo it was still Wintertime so my skin was super patchy and was at its lightest.

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
I used the Face Shop Lovely Meex primer in Green and applied it only to half of the face for shade comparison
If you would like to make this look more natural, simply don't use green or lightening primer and match your foundation to your skin tone.
I didn’t use any foundation since I didn’t think it was necessary (and I don’t like using any), but it can be used if that is what you usually do.
This would also be the step to add concealer. I didn’t do that either since I wanted to keep any dark circles I had naturally. They are quite visible when the primer is added since the contrast becomes much bigger.

I topped off the primer with my trusted Tonymoly Cats Wink powder. 
It diminishes the appearance of my pores with some kind of blur magic and doesn’t make my skin look too dry.
This look can definitely be done on dewy skin, but dewiness is a sign of health so I usually go for the matte look.

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
Applying Make-up in a onesie is a must in my household!
After I powder my face, I contour it.
If you use cream contour you would do this step before the powder.
Since my face is long and oval without much bones I use contouring to make my face look more bony and gaunt.
I make a straight line from my ears towards my nose to make my cheekbones stand out more.
If you want your face to be longer looking you would angle that line slightly towards your jaw.
I then simply follow my jaw line starting at my ear diffusing it all when I am done.
If you want you can now add a highlighter.
I think a matte lighter shade than your skin would be more suitable here than a shimmery shade.
Once again, only healthy alive people are glowy.
I skipped that step since I am lazy!

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
Now I have cheek bones, sort of...
This is very simple eye make up.
You can add more or even skip some if you want.
In my case I skipped the mascara. I have been quite lazy with mascara recently, and skip it often when I do darker eye make up since they aren’t really visible then. I always curl them though and sometimes add some Vaseline to make them look darker and shiny.
Apply brown pencil around you eyes.
You can do it in whichever shape suits your eyes.
I did it with a tiny bit of a flick on the end to make my eyes look more catish.
Smudge it a tiny little bit. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
You can add more or less than I did.
I kept this pretty simple since I wanted to show you a less over the top look today.
Tightline your upper lash line with a black pencil and also add some to your waterline.

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
Brown pencil above, added black pencil below
Fill in your eyebrows as usual.
If you use mascara this would be the moment to do so.

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
Pondering if this version is too corpsey...
Now you have a few options on how to finish this look.
You can go for the completely corpsey look and add concealer to your lips, or instead add some nude lipstick for a just slightly dead look.

I decided to go with a dark lip tint instead to make this a little more vampiric.

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
When in doubt you can always go as a vampire bunny
As a last option you could add some blush. 
The thing is though, if you want to look dead blush is not the way to go.
If you aren’t comfortable without blush a lavender shade is the perfect color.
Lavender is perfect for putting some color on sickly faces without making them look happy and fresh. It is a very toned down color that can make people look even paler!
I love my Lavender blushes, they can be used for a wide variety of looks and are fun to use.

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
I am pointing to my Lavendered cheeks, quite subtle but it makes a difference
So this is it dear Batlings.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.
Do you like wearing pretty dead make up?
Is it just a dress up look for you or a daily occurrence?
What are your tricks to make you look gaunt and sickly?

How to look (pretty) dead tutorial
This is the full look wearing vintage clothes and "new shoes"