Halloween Memebox revealed and reviewed

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Oh Halloween I love you so!
Together with Carnival you are my favorite holiday.
Dressing up is something I enjoy so much I can’t even wait for one of these days to come around and do it whenever I feel like it.
Otherwise all my weird clothes would just lay in a corner and slowly rot until I actually have a fitting event to wear them to.
Besides dressing up in all kinds of ghoulish and weird outfits, I have a variety of other obsessions. Cosmetics is one of them.
I love putting many potions on my face and occasionally using tools to make myself look more or less like me.
Possibly like a dead me, or the kind of me who fell straight out of a silent film.

Edwardian Swimsuit while casually hiking on a mountain in the Provence
When Memebox announced the release of a Halloween box I literally stopped breathing, ordered the Box and promptly resumed breathing again when I realized that I would not survive if I wouldn't start before the Box arrives in October.
It is now October and I have to say breathing is going well and I did not have to fight with the post office to get this box as per usual.
When I was handed the box by my postman I was quite scared.
Not the good kind of scared like when you watch a horror film but the kind of scared you are when you think you might have thrown your money out the window.
The box was light, too light to have anything in there, really.

It arrived in the small Memeboxe
I opened it slowly, half in disappointment and half in hopes something would come jumping at me. Tiny bats anyone?
Unfortunately, nothing jumped at me, instead I was greeted by some very strange looking liptoos. Yeah, Tattoos for the lips!

Next up were some trashy looking fake tattoos.
The ones I got are practically only suitable for 5 year old fans of Ed Hardy.
I saw that there were different types of styles handed out though.
Ladymoonlight got different kinds of crosses which I think I could have actually used.
The next thing I noticed was that I got a lot of products by the same brand, Revecen.
I don’t really know how I feel about this.
I think Memeboxes should offer a wider variety of brands to try unless you buy a specific brand box.
There was a pack of lashes in the box that look decent.
I haven’t used fake lashes for years and I don’t really know if they are any good but they come with glue and I definitely have use for them.

I was happy to see that they also included white face paint, just that same morning I searched for some in my local drugstore just to be appalled at the prices.
I am in need of white paint for this years Halloween costumes, so I proceeded to immediately try it out.
The white is very buildable, it can be applied sheer for a more pale and natural finish or used thickly for a very white face.

One layer to the left and three layers to the right
It didn’t break Johnny out even though he has somewhat sensitive skin.
It is not greasy but rather dry in texture and you definitely need to prep the skin really well before using it since it accentuates dry skin and flakes. I think this is a very decent multitasking face paint that is specially suited for those people who hate grease paint.
By the same brand there is also a black gel liner. It can be used as an eyeshadow when dry and a liner when wet.
The purple pot is another face paint which seems creamier than the white one and can be used in a lot of different ways as well.
It is a very pretty purple and I am already scheming on how to use it.
The best part of the box was definitely the lip tint!
This tint is described as looking like blood and that it does indeed.

So Bloody!
It is a liquid lipstick similar to Chanels.
It is a deep dark brown red, very rich in color with a touch of coagulation!
I used it straight away and I have to say that it is very lovely! The shade is gorgeous and feels very nice on the lips.
All in all most of the products are useful to create Halloween looks.
Nothing too weird or fancy but more everyday style looks that lean to the darker side.

The reason I was disappointed was because I was hoping for products like the Elizavecca Spider Cleansing foam or even any of the Witch's pouch products.
I was sad that none of the items in this box had interesting or spooky packaging or even funny names. There is so many fun and creepy items on the Memebox site that I believe this box could have been filled with a better variety of products.
It felt a little one sided and unimaginative to me.
At least I can use most of these items and even needed one of them.
I will soon review some of the products and I uploaded a tutorial using the face paint this week.

I present to you Johnny the Somnambulist!
If you are still in the Holiday mood, ( I certainly am!) Memebox still has some Pumpkin pie boxes in stock.
I like pumpkin in skin care a lot and I am very curious to what goodies they included this time.