How to combat Dull and Dry skin

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I have dry skin. Not just dry but super duper dry.
And dull skin is my nemesis! My kryptonite even.
I have been fighting it for years, and adding glitters and sparkles to my skin is a no no for me.
I like matte skin! I like everything matte, I might even be obsessed with matte.
But dull does not equal matte! Mattifying my dull dry skin simply looks ridiculous!
There is two goals I have that drive me to experiment with skin care, besides the fact that it is fun of course. Make my skin so moist it stops hurting and get glowy beautiful healthy looking skin that isn’t shiny.
After switching around my routine non stop for a few years I have picked up a few tricks and tips and I have finally achieved the healthy glow I was looking for.

My goal is getting hair and skin as glowy as theirs, OK, maybe a little less...
Fermented products are magic in a bottle
I know that taking fermented products and probiotics orally has already been proven to be incredibly healthy and important to our bodies.
I know that there is not so many studies done on these types of products applied topically, but there is no denying that it has positive effects on the skin.
There is a large variety of products containing fermentations in Asian skin care, something for everyone even! I personally prefer toners and booster since they have a high concentration of the magic ingredient and don’t clog up my routine.
They are usually water like substances that seem to have no effect, until you notice that your skin is surprisingly fresh and glowy. I have seen it happen even though I was a skeptic and I was very sad when I ran out of fermented products in my routine!

My favorite is Iope Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning but the Mcgirly line from Too Cool For School is also excellent!
Fermentation is like natural highlighter in a bottle!

Regular exfoliation
Hydroxy acids are miracle workers for so many reasons.
One of them is keeping dead skin cells, aka dullifiers, away without having to scrub around your skin and possibly irritate it.

Try Mandelic acid for sensitive skin or skin that hasn't responded to other acids.
For anyone else Papa Recipe has an excellent AHA and Cosrx has some very gentle BHA products.

Summer 2013, just moved to Germany and had very few products. My skin was dry and dull
Summer 2013, just moved to Germany and had very few products. My skin was dry and dull
Respect your moisture barrier
Oh PH, why are you so elusive and complicated?
Here are two wonderful articles talking about PH and the Moisture Barrier.
The jist is this, if you treat it well and keep it intact your skin will feel and look better.
It will stay more hydrated since your skin will be less prone to dehydration and your acne will very likely be kept at bay.
Respect the moisture barrier and be rewarded with gorgeousness and glow!
Cleaner. CLEANER!
Cleanse well and smart
Thoroughly clean skin is a must for a healthy and glowy face!
Dirt not only clogs your pores and can contribute to spots and blackheads, but it can also stop all your wonderful products from penetrating to your skin.
As mentioned in the previous point, the moisture barrier needs to be intact, so harsh and stripping products with a high PH are out of question.
Since it is hard to find a foaming cleanser with the right PH, gels, oils, creams and lotions are often a safer bet.
If you use a lot of makeup, oils and creams are the easiest way to thoroughly cleanse it away.

Misshas Micro Visible Deep Cleanser is a foaming cleanser with the right PH, CNP Cleansing Perfecta is a great gel cleanser and Etude House Happy Tea Time Cream Cleanser is also lovely. Oils are also a great way to cleanse while keeping your PH well balanced and my favorite is Klairs Gentle Cleansing Oil.

Facial oils are a godsend
Dear facial oils, I love you so!
I dabbled in oils before, but never realized that sometimes cosmetics are better than things you find in your kitchen. I noticed that well formulated mixtures of different oils can be superior to just applying Olive, Coconut, Almond and company to your face. One of the steps that creates the biggest difference for me is mixing oils with hydration!
Which brings me to the next point:

Try Iope Essential Facial oil for normal to dry skin or The Saem Harakeke Seed Oil (aka Salem House Cat seed oil according to Johnny) for normal to oily skin.

They are just trying to prevent dehydrated skin, Wendy!

Hydrate until you are water or become one with the wetness!
You need hydration and lots of it!
Drinking a ton of water isn’t enough unfortunately since the water you drink can’t reach your Epidermis.
Hydrating super products need to be applied topically to get the full effects.
If you have dry skin but after using the thickest and richest of creams you still haven’t noticed an improvement, try hard core hydrating gels instead.
There is no way you can have glowy skin when it is dehydrated.
Besides, it doesn’t feel good either.

Try Mizon Twilight Volume Cream, Iope Essential Relief Cream or Hada Labos Lotion or Perfect Gel.

1 year ago. Fancy hair and no makeup, accessorized by some dull skin
1 year ago. Fancy hair and no makeup, accessorized by some dull skin

Always always moisturize
Having oily skin is unfortunately not a healthy glow.
But oily skin isn’t an excuse for not needing to moisturize either.
Just because your skin doesn’t feel dry or look dry, doesn’t mean it won't need it.
It is just like not giving a flower water because it doesn’t look like it is dying of dryness.
If a product you have used makes you more oily than before it is the wrong product!
There is something out there for everyone and when you find the right one your skin will look better, not worse. Also there is this little phenomenon of dehydrated undernourished skin that produces more sebum than usual since it is trying to make up for the lack of it. This is not a myth, I have seen it!
Gel like creams are great for oily and combo skins, some recommendations can be see under Hydrating gels above.

My favorite moisturizer is Ladykin’s Vanpir Cream, it is suitable for any skin type. Skinfoods Miracle Food 10 Solution Cream is a great occlusive and night cream for any skin type. It has done wonders to my winter skin recently, both day and night.

They are fantastic!
Be it wash off or sleeping packs, be they for clarifying or hydrating, anything goes.
Make sure that they don’t strip your skin off moisture even if the don’t contribute to it.
Masks are fantastic to give your skin that extra boost it needs every once in a while.
There is a large variety in the market for every skin type and concern.

My favorites are:
Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask to cleanse and clarify your skin without drying it out or Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Mask for a boost of hydration and glow.

Not that kind of mask, but I couldn't resit putting gorgeous Wesley here

Omega 3
I have been reading up on supplements a lot recently. I was always a believer of getting our nutrients through diet, but sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds.
I am currently married to a fish hater, and to be honest eating fish alone is a challenge.
Especially living in Berlin where fresh fish is rare and expensive.
Good oils are beneficial in so many ways, and I am clearly lacking quite a bit due to the lack of fish and avocado in my diet. Yes avocado too, every time I eat it I get the evil eye from Johnny (he isn’t picky though he just has an unnatural hatred of avocados).
I started taking fish oil supplements to prepare my skin for winter time.
I have to say I don’t know if it is the oils or my routine but my skin has looked better than ever!
I can highly recommend giving supplements a try. It is challenging getting enough of a nutrient through diet and the healthier you are on the inside the better you look on the outside!

Dullness be gone! October 2014 celebrating good skin
Dullness be gone! October 2014 celebrating good skin

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