Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in Sweet Cookie review

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Etude House My Castle Hand Cream in Sweet Cookie (30ml)
SWEET COOKIE - This is a most sweet and happy "Sweet Cookie Castle" hand cream with sweet vanilla fragrance.
Apply frequently whenever hands feel dry.

When these creams popped up during my usual skin care searches I squealed so loud I scared the neighbors!
I absolutely love Korean hand creams and have amassed quite a lot, which I am using up so fast that I am always on the look out for more. Both me and my husband use hand creams several times a day and are quite particular about our creams. I prefer tubes since they are much more practical.
So my selections at the moment only fit under two categories: Good hand cream in a tube or good hand cream with a packaging that is so adorable it is worth the hassle of sticking my fingers in the jar only to reuse the packaging later.
Being a big fan of anything pastel, cute and fairy tale inspired I had to get this castle cream right away!

The castle is smaller and daintier than I expected, there is still a good amount of cream in the jar.
The inside is shaped in a way that you can get to the cream easily unlike some other whimsical shapes I have tried.
The print on the outside is stuck on so it is not waterproof, I hope it still stands the rough handling of the husband and doesn’t get shabby too fast.
This is something I only think about since I want to keep this castle for ever and ever!

The smell is amazing!
It reminds me of coconut pudding with a touch of rum.
Sweet and milky (Johnny says like Dandelion milk) but not overpowering at all.
I am glad Etude House has been calming down with the strong hand cream scents.
It takes a while to fade but is only noticeable when you smell your hand after the first 3 minutes of application.
The cream is smooth and buttery.
Thicker than expected but not too thick.
It is more buttery than the Kakapo cream but still sinks in relatively fast without leaving any residue.

I think it is meant as a cold weather cream and does its job as such.
Not the most hydrating hand cream I have ever used but definitely one of the richer ones.
All in all I really like this cream.
It is definitely not my favorite hand cream of all time but if there wouldn’t be so many I want to test I would buy it again.
Ok, I lie. I will probably get some more since they are so freaking cute, I mean to try the other scents of course.

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Ph: 5

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