Most outstanding and utterly superb Cosmetics of 2014

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2014 has been an exciting year and  filled with new Cosmetic discoveries from around the world.
I also feel that  experimenting with Asian brands and products in 2013 gave me a good base of judgement to be able to review and present to you the products I have tested this year. After using some duds, some life changers, but mostly solid quality products I thought I would present to you my favorites of 2014. Because why settle for the mediocre if there are miracle products around!


Feeling Vampiric with Tonymolys tint
Best Lip Tint:
Tonymoly Kiss Lover Live Tint in Vampire red
I have tried a lot of lip tints by now but Tonymoly has wowed me with their amazing staying power and pretty shades. I recommend any of the Cats Wink line but this shade is my absolute favorite.

I like this lipstick so much I used it as my blog header!
Best Lipstick
Heng Fang Balm Lipstick in Burgundy #2
I haven't had good luck this year in terms of Lipstick. The ones I tried were quite mediocre and not very memorable. This one is unforgettable though! With its cheap price it impressed me with the most amazing Burgundy shade I have ever worn. It made me feel instantly great while being very comfortable to wear.

Best Eyeshadow
Etude House Look at my Eyes Cafe
I have to admit that I did not use many Korean eyeshadows so far. My favorite was this collection by Etude House since they are very smooth and have lovely pigmentation. They have less fallout than most shadows and are superior to my Mac pots.

Blueberry Pie cheeks
Best blush
Etude House Cookie Blusher in Blueberry Pie
An adorable blusher that gives a very multi use shade. The lovely quality together with the low price makes me want to try the entire palette.

It looks so natural Johnny Clyde didn't notice he was wearing CC Cream!

Best Foundation product
Welcos Zombie CC Cream
This stuff is amazing! It convinced my super critical Mother, which says a lot. I can use it in so many ways that I usually skip my concealer and powder.

Best Powder
Catswink  Powder Pact
One of the most adorable products in my stash, it is also the nicest powder I have ever used.
With my dry scaly skin, powders are usually a no no, but this little cutie has enough coverage to hide pores and evens out my skin tone giving me a very doll like complexion without making my face look dry or enhance any flakes. This is better than many high end powders I have tried, great buy indeed!


Best Cleanser
Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Micro Cleanser
This stuff is magic! I don't really like foam cleansers but the perfect PH together with the fun application method makes this very fun to use. The fact that it cleanses really well is also a plus!

Best Cleansing Oil
Klairs Black Deep Cleansing Oil
I am not a huge fan of cleansing oils so I usually just experiment with samples and see if they are any different. Honestly most of them are pretty similar and underwhelming. Klairs cleansing oil, in the other hand, feels very nice on the face yet it has better cleansing powers than other oils I have tried. The ability to loosen more sebaceous filaments than others is a big plus as well.

Best Toner

Dear Enprany Moistfull Booskin
The only toner that actually made a difference to my skin. It is wonderfully hydrating and everything I expected from Hada Labos Lotion but didn't get.

Best Emulsion
Nature Republic Snail Therapy Emulsion
The first emulsion I have tried that really makes a difference. It adds both hydration and moisture to your routine while being light yet powerful. Besides the snail super powers it also smooths out scaly skin very well.

Chosungah Wonder Milk
This is a mystery product that definitely verges on the miraculous. It is a true multi function product. Depending on your preference and skin type you can use it as a toner, lotion, emulsion or even your moisturiser. I use it instead of my emulsion and it is so good that I could even skip my cream. I never was able to skip my cream before since my skin is sooo dry. How Wonder Milk is able to do so is a mystery to me but it is one of my favorite products I have tried this year.

Best Acid
Pharmaceris Mandelic Acid
I have tried both the 5% and the 10% version of this product and they are both amazing.
This cheap Polish find is by far the best acid I have used yet. After experimenting with Asian, American and European acids, this one simply has it all.
I recommend this to people who are sensitive to acids and people of color.
It is much milder than most acids, something that also reduces the risk of getting Hyper-pigmentation for people with darker skin tones. Since it is like a mix of an AHA and BHA it often gives more results to people who didn't see good results with other acids.

Best Active
C20 Vitamin C Serum
You might have heard a lot of hype surrounding this. I am the first one to be very critical as soon as a product starts getting very popular, but this serum does not disappoint. It is truly amazing and I can not believe that it actually helped diminish some fine lines. Detailed review coming soon!

The adorableness!

Best Sleeping Pack
Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping pack
I haven't found my HG sleeping pack yet but this one has been the best so far. It feels very nice and leaves my skin velvety soft.

Best Sunscreen
Biore Rich Watery Mousse
This stuff is the bees knees, the cherry on the cake, the cat's pyjamas. Yep that good! All you sunscreen haters need to try this out. It changed my view on sunscreen and now I can't go without.

The hand cream is a little more relaxed than this excited Kakapo
 Best Hand Cream
Etude House Kakapo Hand Cream
This might not be the best hand cream ever made but it smells absolutely delightful and feels great when applied to your hands. I am incredibly sad how difficult it is to find since I need more!

Best Hair Product
Boutique Bebe Concentrate Vita Nutritive Mist
I  received this in a Memebox and thought it looked pretty boring. One of those days that I had super frizzy and coarse hair I decided to give it a try and sprayed the heck out of it onto my hair. To my astonishment my hair was silky smooth the next day without removing my curls. No product I have ever used has been able to achieve such a feat. I am only sad because the bottle is so small for all my hair.

My skin after 3 weeks of using Ladykins Vanpir cream

Best of the Bestest Best
Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream
Wow, no seriously. WOW
This stuff is so good I can't even rave enough about it. Since I published my review on this product I just have fallen in love with this even more! After the review I started testing other products which simply didn't live up to it. Due to some health issues I also had a minor breakout on one part of my face which meant that I had to cut out everything out of my routine in the middle of Winter. For me that is a skin death sentence. Yet my precious Vanpir cream has managed to keep my skin soft, supple and moist even without using any other products besides a cleanser and an acid. Yeah that is a feat!
I am almost out and I dread the day it is finished since I am on a shopping ban until I finish all my other moisturizers.

Yep that is exactly how excited I am about my precious Vanpir!

What are the products that you have fallen in love with this year? 
If you would hold a best skincare award ceremony which products would win?

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