Music & Me presenting Monday's guest blogger Algo Sanom

5:43 PM Moi Sanom 1 Comments

I´ve been granted the honour of starring as a guest blogger here in the midst of 35th of May´s creations.

With I´ve, I mean Me: Algo Sanom, Monday star blogger/ Music enthusiast and Ambassador of the abstract.

What I intend to do with my 15 lines of fame is try to portray the relationship and impact that music has with our world, starting with myself and hopefully ending with a half finished blog post about not having anything else to blog about!

And whoever wants to join me on this roller coaster ride, feel free to do so!
So here goes nothing...
..and turning into something!

Wow, my 1st blog post, who knew...

I’m not going to dedicate this blog to music like some kind of a divine creation, it would be too easy.
Besides, I don’t want to sound like I’m high on something.
It is funny to see high people listen to what they perceive as good music though.

Anyone from the sports jock spiced up on Redbull andVodka, swearing that THIS is the best song ever!
To a neon illuminated, spiked hair wearing techno freak, high on E, surprisingly enjoying the elevator music!

But my absolute favourite music lover on drugs has to be the classic stoner. The attention to details with them could be compared to a sommelier;
"This wine from -63 is an absolute beauty, Andrew! The mix of citrus and smokiness creates an excellent symbioses and, *sip* and...*sip*, I’ll take two bottles of it!"

"This track from -63 is an absolute beauty, Andy! The mix of strings and percussions creates an awesome symbioses and, *puff*puff* and... *exhale*...and, what was I saying again?"

My personal relationship with music is something very special. I love it so much because it’s one of those things that you can’t really describe; you just have to feel it.
And an indescribable feeling can only be something extraordinary.

I’m really looking forward to my 1st real blog post where I can look at the relationship between music and the world objectively and analyse the shit out of it!

I really hope somebody is going to join in and discuss this beautiful thing called music with us next Monday.

Until then, much love to you and yours, and don’t forget to check out 35th of May´s music inspired handcrafts on her Etsy page,