Music & Politics

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Hello my good friends and imaginary fans! Algo Sanom is back for another Monday session at the 35th of May factory.
Today will be the 2nd journey into the world where music acts as an essential ingredient in everyday scenarios.
What I want to do is discuss what role, and what effect music has in different situations and with different people. Since Me & Moi tuned in to the Nobel concert held in Obama’s honor the day before last, I thought it would be fitting to discuss what Music does for Politics!
I remember the facial expressions on the collaborating artists doing M.J´s “We are the world”. And not only because they look really funny, but also because I remember that it didn’t feel like just another song and clearly people were affected by it. The single sold 20 million copies worldwide and raised over 63 million USD donated to humanitarian aid in Africa and the US. 63 MILLION DOLLARS!! ONE SONG!!
Clearly the effects of music in politics should not be underestimated. It’s really nice when it’s being used correctly like in that case. Respect, Michael!
I think we saw about 8 music concerts during the time of Obama’s election. Most of the acts seen were American. Needless to say, they were all promoting Obama’s politics like they were one of the apostles to Jesus Christ! Stevie Wonder was warming up his vocal cord by singing ooooOOBAAaaamaaaa!! That kind of energy by popular music definitely played an important role in his victory.
Politicians always used musicians as tools for their cause but there are also politicians disguised as musicians! Anybody from Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Dead Prez, Billie Holiday to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and even Tenacious D all have political messages in their music.

Many people react negatively towards politically active musicians, others build their own opinions solely through their favorite artists. Whatever the case may be, I love it! Freedom of speech, freedom of music, freedom of life!
Peace & Love to you and yours and until next Monday, check out my “Monday Press Play” Song of the week: Billy Holiday Strange Fruit
And artist of the week (Obama’s personal pick to the Nobel concert): Esperanza Spalding. A female Jazz/Neosoul vocalist/excellent bass player.