Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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There is millions of movies in the world today, how to choose which one to watch?
Especially when many of those out there, are a shear waste of your time!
So what I'm trying to do here is facilitate that difficult situation for you.
Don't get me wrong this is not your average movie review, with all those long explanations and unnecessary facts.
Instead you'll get my brief personal evaluation of the movies I look at, giving you the minimum information needed to decide, if u would like to watch it or not.

If you read my evaluations and then watch the movies, (or watched them before)
please comment on what you thought about it.
(Please watch the spoilers!)
Welcome to Fridays which movie am I going to watch tonight?
So today’s review is…….

The Brothers Bloom

directed by Rian Johnson
starring Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz

Seeing the title and the poster of this movie makes it clear that it is a dramedy.
But what I did not expect was how beautifully it was filmed and the nice feeling it gives you.
The film plays in my idea of a perfect world.
Everything looks pretty, smooth, colorful. The people are all interesting, witty and cool.
It transported me into an alternative reality I didn't want to leave when the 113 minutes were over.
Well, and the plot is good too!
So go, watch it!