My first trip to cupcake land

11:26 PM Moi Sanom 1 Comments

So for the past two weeks I have been reading a lot about cupcakes.

I already have a permanent sweet tooth, but looking at all those amazing pictures and reading those mouth watering recipes, just made me crave a cupcake like never before. So since the Cupcake craze didn’t really get to this country yet, and there is no other way to satisfy my cravings, I decided to take the step and bake my own.

Never having baked cupcakes before I was slightly nervous, so I had to remind myself that my kitchen adventures usually turn out ok.

I decided to do a moist double chocolate cupcake filled with Milk chocolate ganache and topped with white chocolate frosting. I made this flourless chocolate cake recipe before, and served it in cupcake forms to control the inside runniness.

That version was a hit every time I made it, and since I was going for a moist and melty inside, I chose to go with that for my cupcake base.

The second ingredient I was craving was white chocolate. A quick Google search revealed plenty of nice and simple recipes for me to try out.

So here are the results

The flourless cake idea wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

It tastes amazing by itself but together with the frosting it was just too rich for my taste.

Well and the frosting wasn’t good at all. It didn’t taste like white chocolate and was too sweet even though I didn’t put any sugar in it.

I think the reason that the frosting didn’t turn out right, was that I bought cheap white chocolate, and honestly even pure didn’t have anything in common with white chocolate at all. So I will eat the cakes and the ganache by their delicious self’s, and save the icing for my next baking project.

We’ll see what that is gonna be

To give you some extra cupcake inspirations here are some amazing pictures from flickr and Deviantart.

chocolate-coffee cupcake baked by chotda

The Cupcake by blackkittycat132

Yellow Leaf's white chocolate pretzel cupcake