The mystery behind the advent calendars…

7:49 PM Moi Sanom 2 Comments

So for the past two weeks I’ve had quite a few advent calendar orders, for my filled and unfilled versions.
I do understand why they are so popular; I mean who doesn’t enjoy getting a gift every day, for 24 days.
So since the advent calendar was my favorite part of Christmas when I was a child, I decided to take that idea and changed it up a little.
I took some pictures of the process last time I had my little building marathon, but smartly I left out the outcome

Here are the little matchstick boxes glued on top of each other and decorated with some pretty paper.


The inside drawers painted in gold.

The first Advent calendar I made, a few months back.

If you guys would like me to do a tutorial on how to make little Matchstick drawer boxes, please leave a comment below.