Down the rabbit hole, or how she got lost in Never Neverland

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Theda Bara

I always had a lot of imagination! And since I was a child I always tended to disappear into any kind of fantasy world as often as I could. Not much has changed since then, and I still sometimes daydream for weeks or even month at a time. These fantasies are often triggered by films, books or people I admire. Now you might be thinking what do these daydreams or fantasies actually consist of?

I could be sitting in a train somewhere looking out of the window, but actually I’m walking down the corridors of Hogwarts. Or maybe I just sit there for hours and read about teddy boys and girls and indulge in the beautiful pictures you can find on the net. And then I lend all the significant books and movies the world has to offer on that subject.

Ken Russell’s 1955 Photo Essay on London’s Teddy Girls.

Some people might call it an obsession, when I started looking at silent movies and got so into it that I started dressing like that and adapt it in my makeup and hair last summer
Theda Bara in Cleopatra( 1917 )
Alla Nazimova in Salome ( 1923 )

But I think obsession is a little bit of a harsh word.
Maybe I have too much time on my hands, or maybe I’m just bored with the world and society at the moment. Or maybe, I’m just one of those people that like everything they don’t have just a little more.
Don’t get me wrong I’m quite satisfied with my life at the moment but who wouldn’t like to live in a place where fried chickens fly in to your mouth and the rivers flow with milk and honey?
So basically I just want to share some of my passing and staying infatuations.
Stay tuned