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This Monday is a special edition of my guest segment here at the 35th of May imaginarium! Today I’m going to write about the special relationship between our reoccurring guest, Music and  our host of this show, Moi Sanom!

The reason for this is simple. She is a music enthusiast that TODAY has been one for 24 years, yes, its Moi’s birthday! And to celebrate this I’m going to dig deeper into the root of this relationship of hers...

For some people it’s so obvious that they have that musical gene. For others it’s subtle. In Moi’s case it’s a little bit of both. Even though she usually portrays modesty when it comes to her music, she really does have a good ear for it. Between hitting the keys of the black and white from time to time, dreaming of empty rooms with just the piano and a note sheet of her favourite Satie pieces, her talent for music really shines when she PICKS the songs.
She is an involuntary DJ stuck in a world where in order to be able to enjoy the best, you best play it yourself!
Now I in this situation have a sweet deal because she listens to pretty much exactly the same music as I do. And if it’s not something I would put on myself, I’m usually pleasantly surprised.

Common Sense says in one of his verses; “I was a piano player in my last lifetime...”

Well Moi was a composer...

One of the reasons I say that is her incredible ear for details in songs.
She has as a hobby to pick out and find the original songs of sampled classics, which is a dream for a producer like myself.
She’s a sample finder machine!

If I would be a song I think I would be something very simplistic with a heavy dub base, probably in the 85-bpm region with a touch of jazz in a blue colour.

By Justin Bua

Moi as a song on the other hand would be a piñata full of the tropics in the most colourful fruits you can think of. The bridge would be hope in the form of a sunrise in three shades, from yellow to orange rounded up with a heavy dose of percussions.

Vamos al Carneval!

With those words I leave the guest spot for now. Until next Monday, get in touch with your tropical side and live life! And check out Nu Tropic’s Pascalito's theme while doing it.
Peace to you & yours