Music & Film

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As a hobby musician, there are many things I want to have done with music before I pack up and move on from this particular existence.
I want to master at least one of my favorite instruments. I want to be part of a grand orchestra, even if it has to be as the guy beating the big drum twice in a concert, all excited. Or being in charge of the triangle on some real wrist exercise type of shit!
But the next musical chapter for me is as a composer of cinematic melodies!

Really, what is film without music?
A bunch of awkward people in random, awkward situations saying a bunch of random and most probably awkward things to each other!
I exaggerate off course.
I don’t want to take away any shine from excellent directors, but an excellent director knows the great value of a killer score!

So many times, the theme music of a film has later become the trademark of the movie and probably responsible of a large percent of the profits and I’m not talking about just musicals.
Take the Star Wars music for ex. Or the James Bond theme! I doubt that their success would have been quiet as huge without it.

What would horror movies be without the classic tension music?
What would the romantic films be without the belonging serenades? What would the dramedies be without the... random awkward music? Well, probably as awkward, but you catch my drift.

The music in films takes you exactly where it wants to. Where we as an audience need to be!
It controls our emotions like gravity on a roller coaster ride and sends us away into the fantasy world of great minds...
sometimes anyway.

So the next time you watch a really good movie, think about the part that music played!

Until next Monday and as we anticipate the new Alice in Wonderland film by Tim Burton, check out one of the great film music composers and longtime affiliate with Burton, Danny Elfman.
Much love to you and yours...