Make you photos pop tutorial

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Make them pop tutorial
For those people that have an online store there is a million posts out there about how to improve your item pictures.
Honestly I think I read them all, if not I at least tried to.
But I have the feeling that there are still quite a few sellers out there that don’t do anything with their pictures after taking them.
When I read peoples posts asking for picture help I can see that all they need is a little “boost”.
What I mean is Photoshop of course.
Many people still think that photoshopping your items is changing the original item.
But that is not the case.
Since many of us aren’t professional photographers and don’t have the right cameras, our items don’t come out as good as they look in reality.
But with a little tweaking here and there that is fixable.
Please take in consideration that I'm not a retouching Pro, I just try to make my item shots look as good as possible in the simplest way possible.
I will show you a quick and simple step by step guide on what I do with my photos before I post them.
This is the original untouched Picture token with my normal slightly crappy digital camera.

First I take away all dirt using the Clone stamp tool.
I marked the spots i would take away for you to see it better.
To erase dirt and spots easy, choose an appropriate clone stamp size, alt click as close to the spot without touching it and then click on top of the spot and voila!
it should be gone now...
Then i want the background to be nice and white. For that i use the white curves tool. Go to Image then Adjustments and then curves. In the Curves menu you will see three pipy things click the right one which is white. After clicking the white pipe thing click on a spot on your pic that should be white, or the lightest part of your background. You will probably have to experiment a little. The trick is not to make the background color too white, if you do that it will not only look photoshop, but also unreal.
Now that the background is nice and white I want the picture to get the final POP effect. For that i use the Brightness and Contrast tool. Go to Image then Adjustments and then Brightness/Contrast. Play around with it a little, just remember not to go too extreme to the sides. I usually only move the Contrast leveler to the right, in this case it was on +45.
And this is already the finished picture!

There is another trick i want to show you. Some pictures still look dull after using the contrast step. If that happens you can higher the saturation a little bit. Go to Image then Adjustments and then Hue/Saturation. Only use the Saturation very moderately, in this picture i used approximately +14. Just have fun with it everything is reversible!

Just remember that the trick is to always photoshop a little less then too much, unless you want your items too look obviously retouched.
I hope this tutorial helped you guys a little bit, and if it did, make sure to leave a comment so I post some more. And don't hesitate in asking any questions!