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I’m from one of the generations raised on Disney movies. I, like many others, know every song in all the really known films Disney released. And in anticipation of the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland I thought about reminiscing over some of the music we love in Disney’s grand vault of classics!
Every Christmas they show a medley of Disney movies on Swedish TV, and every year since we were kids, my older sister and I play out the party scene at the house of the seven dwarfs from “Snow-white”, synchronized to perfection! It’s a very confusing sight in real life, especially considering me now being 27 and my sister being 30! This is what Disney does to us...

The music in “The jungle book” has to be my favourite out of all the Disney classics! Every single song in it was a hit at some point of my childhood. Baloo’s song about life, love that philosophy and live by it today! Or King Luis swinging tune, love that! But I think it’s the vibe of the whole score that really enchants me, still to this day! There’s something mystical and unknown about the lonely melodies following Mowgli throughout his adventures in the big jungle. Those kinds of music that frees your mind from the dullness of reality and just lets you forget,... for an hour and something.

Even many years later when movies like “The lion king”, “Beauty and the beast” and “Aladdin” came out; Disney’s film music still went strong. The music really managed to stay with time, sometimes ahead of time but at the same time, timeless!
I can’t wait to hear the music in Disney’s new film “The princess and the frog” since it’s played out in old New Orleans. Being the birthplace of so much beautiful music, I’m sure they stepped up their game for this one!
Until next Monday, make sure you reserve one of those Alice tickets or somebody else will..