Chosungah Viva Pep Souffle in Burgundy Rose review

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Chosungah Viva Pep Souffle in Burgundy Rose (20 ml) 

Oh my oh my was I lusting after this! The first time I saw the Viva Pep Souffle I was knocked of my feet since a few things I am obsessed about came together in just that one product.
Those things are in no particular order for anyone interested: Anything moussy, burgundy/blood colored, tiny jars.
It took me a little while to hunt this down at a decent price and I finally found it at Koreadepart.
It was a huge nightmare getting this, which you can read all about here.

Onto the product itself.
As you can see it is adorable!
The jar is just like the tiny Bonne Maman marmelade jars and the product does indeed look moussy. The Burgundy is less fluffy than the other two (haven’t tried them out just opened the jars to see what they looked like) but still moussy enough to be, well, moussy.

I was astonished when I realised how much product there really is in the jar.
You need really little of this to do anything really, so I believe that this would last someone a lifetime.
The texture turns into something creamy and gel like when picked up with a brush.
If you are trying to use this on your lips, a brush is very recommended to be able to make proper lip lines. If you are going for a stain, fingers are fine.
Be careful though since this stuff is super duper ultra pigmented and you will have a red finger for hours.
When used as a stain even less is need.

I really loved this on my lips to be honest. Every time I wore it I got lots of compliments.
I even saw Johnnys jaw drop a little when testing it! He tried to hide it with a cough but it didn’t work.
He usually never notices when I am testing or even wearing makeup and when I do gussy up I never receive compliments. He actually likes a bare face more than makeup, even though he is fond of some things like black lips. So getting a compliment from him every time I wear this is a huge accomplishment to be honest. But it is a really beautiful color so I agree with him!
I might even go as far as saying it is the perfect burgundy
I personally like it even darker but I think this is the shade that should be in the explanation box of how burgundy actually looks like.

The product is also very long lasting.
It might look like a lipstick but it acts like a stain.
The color stays bright for hours and then slowly fades naturally.
You will have color on your lips for possibly around 10 hours. After the bright red fades a little I start applying lip balm which makes it fade a little faster but doesn’t interfere with the color. Something that is important for my dry lips.

The only downside to this is that it is a pain to apply.
Well not really a pain but it isn’t as easy or fast as products that come with an applicator.
I honestly think that Chosungah should forgo the adorable jar and just stick it into some kind of liquid lipstick/stain type container. It would make things easier. But if you are used to applying lip products with a brush this should be no issue for you.
I also used it as a blush which works well too. I do recommend mixing it with either foundation or moisturiser since the product dries very fast. This makes it easier to blend naturally instead of having red blotches on your cheek.

The set comes with a spatula
Ingredients:Can't find any, possibly on the back of the packaging?

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
If this would be in a different packaging it would go straight to HG for me but since I am way too lazy and practical I will probably only reach for this in special occasions. I do think the color is absolutely gorgeous though and a must have for burgundy lovers.

Purchased at Koreadepart 

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