Iope Moistgen Skin Hydration Special Gift Set review

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Did you know that my favorite types of skincare products are actually travel packs?
I like them more than samples or full sized products actually! They are cheap, practical and large enough to test between 2 - 4 weeks. Samples can be too small to properly test and full sizes are just huge! Especially as a blogger, I get to test a lot and I often have full sizes standing around not doing anything. I have to admit that even before being a blogger, I liked to experiment with skincare (due to never finding anything that worked for me) and travel sizes were my go to. Also, I like trying a whole line of products and even some that I would normally not buy.
You can image how happy I was when Honestskin sent me two different travel sets to try out!
Today, as you can cleverly deduct by the title, I will be reviewing the Moistgen line by Iope.
 I tested all of the items separately for a short time and finished testing the whole line for about two weeks.
Wow is this moisturising!

Moistgen Essential Softener
Let me start with the softener.
I really liked this product actually! It is a quite hydrating toner that is very mild and watery. The whole line smells the same, kind of a fresh citrusy smell, but this softener is not very strong in the scent department. I felt that it added hydration to my skin, in a light way that was quite refreshing.
All in all I would be happy to have this in my line up again.

PH: 4.5
Ingredients: Couldn't find them

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Moistgen Essential Serum
The serum was lovely as well. It is a creamy milky serum that hydrates, but I could tell it had some oils in it too, which makes it moisturising yet lightweight.
It smells just like the softener but once again in an unobtrusive way.
I liked the silkiness of the serum and it was pleasant to apply to my face.

PH: 5
Ingredients: Couldn't find them

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha


Moistgen Essential Emulsion
Next up is my least favorite of the line. Well, that might be a deceiving statement.
I actually liked it but I believe it didn’t fit into the line up too well.
More on that later though.
As a stand alone product, I did like the emulsion. Its a liquidy milky type product that is neither too runny nor too thick. Just as the two above, it smells the same just a tiny bit stronger. Keep in mind I am very scentsitive so you might not even notice it. It doesn’t linger once applied to the face which is what I am looking for in skincare.  It is just as smooth as the rest of the line but unlike the softener and the serum this doesn’t sink in as fast. It seems to be quite occlusive and feels like it creates a protective layer on my face. I think this might be a great product for very dry and dehydrated skin and alone it does help with those issues if it is used in a hydration heavy routine.

PH: 5
Ingredients: Here 

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha  


Moistgen Essential Eye Cream
I am very uninterested in eye creams and I have never gotten excited about them before. The good thing about this one is that it is very lightweight yet hydrating. It didn’t give me milia or any weird little bumps around my eyes that some products produce. It also did not make my eczema flare up which is very important to me.
I do think that it is a decent eye cream if you are looking for one to hydrate your skin. If you are looking for miracles, try a fairy since I have not used a single eye potion that has actually done more than just hydrate.

PH: 5
Ingredients: Couldn't find them

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha 
Eye Cream
Moistgen Essential Cream
I liked the cream too. Its a thicker type but still has a level of freshness to it which makes it feel lighter than it looks. If you have very dry or dehydrated skin you might know how soothing refreshing products feel. I don’t particularly like watery products but when one feels fresh on my face it just seems like it is hydrating quite a bit. Might be just a personal preference but I like it.
As mentioned before it smells just the same, a little less intense then the emulsion but once again it isn’t noticeable when used on the face.
It sinks in quite fast as well which I also appreciate. This cream is not super duper moisturising by itself but plays really well with the rest of the line. I think for moderately dry or normal skin this would work well but if you need something super powerful I would combine it with the rest of the Moistgen line.

PH: 5
Ingredients: Couldn't find them

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha 

All in all I really liked using all of these products in combination besides the emulsion. The reason being that when I added the emulsion to the mix my skin felt a little overwhelmed. I think it is because the emulsion doesn’t let the cream sink into my skin. So I skipped the emulsion during the day and added it at night. This way my face was very hydrated and felt great during the colder winter weeks.
I think that if you have normal to dry skin this line (sans emulsion) would work great. For very dry and dehydrated skin this line can be a great pick me up for the colder months. The toner and the serum are suitable for any skin type and the cream would work for normal to dry skin by itself as well.
I am glad I got to try this line since I already am a fan of Iope and I hope I get to try more of their products.

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