Wishtrend and 35th of May Giveaway

12:13 PM Moi Sanom 0 Comments

Dear Batlings, the month of March seems to be your lucky month!
Here I have another giveaway for you, this time it is presented by Wishtrend.
Wishtrend is a store I really like to order from for its unusual products and good service with really fast shipping times.
There is a few items I have gotten from there that have either not been available anywhere else at that time or are only to be found on their site outside of Korea. My beloved C20 is one of them and my favorite AHA gel by Papa Recipe (review coming up soon) can also only be found there too. As a blogger that tries out a lot of products and brands, I always appreciate some novelty!

Today the products given away are new to me as well.
The one that tickles my fancy the most is an intriguing looking honey mask that promises to give you lots of hydration. I love everything honey and there can never be too much hydration on my face so this sounds very promising.
The other prize is a primer/skincare product that seems to be a good multi use product for people that have dark spots. It promises to prime your skin giving it a glow while treating dark spots at the same time.

There will be two winners, one for each prize. Please leave a comment on which product you would prefer to get, otherwise I will have to choose at random. I would rather have you get the one that suits you best of course! As usual the giveaway is open internationally.

Since having a Wishtrend account is one of the requirements, I have a coupon code " 021617712" for those who don’t have an account yet. It gives you a 5$ discount upon signing up. Yay for savings!

Good luck Batlings!

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