Aritaum Style Pop Brow Mascara in Chocolate Mousse #4 review

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Instead of reviewing items I have been using for a while or have been meaning to review for the past few months I seem to be somehow writing about all these items Mother got. It must be the excitement of something new or maybe writing about products I would usually never use. Whatever it is I hope you guys aren’t bored of it yet.

I am not sure why Mother wanted a brow gel, probably laziness or maybe she wants to try new stuff. I do remember her asking me to buy her Maybellines brow gel last summer. I never did, so she went ahead and got it herself. Six months later she confessed that it sucked and if I had a better alternative. I didn’t but decided to gamble on Aritaum this time.
Mother if you are reading this, don’t be mad that I get you so many things I never tried, the track record has been good so far though!
Back to the topic.
Since I found no reviews on this item, the choosing method was easy. Buy the cheapest brow gel in   a color that comes closest to her eyebrow shade while not being Etude House.
Why not Etude House you ask, on the one hand side I am bored with it and I want to try something new, on the other hand Mother didn’t like Etude Houses brow pencil shade so I thought they might be too similar.
I am happy that I went with Aritaum instead, since I really like this stuff!

A brushy brush
What I wanted from this brow gel was something that might slightly fill out my brows while making them look sleek and groomed yet completely natural. Sometimes I brush my brows with hair spray after filling them out. That was the effect I wanted only with one step instead of 3.
The color is a great match!
Thankfully Mother and I have the same eyebrow color so they will match her perfectly too. Our hair color is different so hopefully it will match that as well.
I was looking for a true medium dark brown.
A shade that is neither too red nor too ashy, dark enough without leaning black.
This is the perfect shade!

The dark part on the edge is thickly applied
I find that the brush is a good size, my eyebrows are about medium thickness and the brush is easy to use without going too much over the edges.
The brush also doesn’t pick up too much gel so the smudging is held to a minimum.
I do sometimes draw a tiny bit over my brows but while wet it is easy to clean up.
Something that can be avoided if the tip of the wand is cleaned with a tissue.
Even though there isn’t too much product on the brush, I would still be careful with the application and make sure you apply it light handedly.

Left brow is left bare, right brow is lifted and fuller with the gel
The color definitely fills out my brows while still looking very natural.
I can fill them in and use the gel without looking blocky or only use the gel without looking patchy.
The product definitely defines my brows very well giving it a polished look.
Depending on the direction you apply this, you can either give your brows a lift or keep them straight.
It is super long lasting to the point where it has not failed on me yet.
I admit that I usually don’t wear products longer than 8-10 hours. But in that time frame it looked flawless.
Now to the most important point: Does it get hard and goopy on the brows?
I am happy to say it doesn’t.
You can’t tell it is there unless you touch it with your fingers. It feels exactly the way my brows feel when I lightly brush them with hair spray. Slightly firm but still moveable.
I honestly find this very comfortable to wear.
I can only recommend this!
If they would have this in grey I would get one for myself! Get at it Aritaum, hint hint…

Application method:
After seeing Mother running around with thick over the top eyebrows I asked her to show me how she applies this product. When I saw her technique I figured that maybe some of you might prefer to see a visual. To Mothers defence, some lady in a store showed her how to get fabulously thick brows by gooping the product on. If that is not something you are looking for but prefer a more natural look than I recommend this technique instead.

I was rocking Lydia Deetz hair with my in between color :)

 Clean the tip of the wand just like one does with Mascara. Then use the side of the mascara to very lightly brush your brows in place. The more you do it the darker they get. At the time of the gif above I had three layers on.
If you use the tip, even when clean, you will either apply too much, get goopy spots or simply draw on your skin which can look unnatural. 

Ingredients: Can't find them

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Purchased at Testerkorea
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Applied on both brows