Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Smart Sun Spray SPF 50 PA+++ review

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Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Smart Sun Spray SPF 50 PA+++ review

Sunscreen is a necessary woe.
It is important to use sunscreen for so many reasons yet most of the ones available are absolutely disgusting and uncomfortable to wear. On top of that, if you use sunscreen daily to protect yourself from sun damage yet live in the US, not only do you have to deal with products that feel terrible, but you also don’t have sufficient UVA protection which are the rays responsible for sun damage in the first place.
In comes Asian sunscreen to save the day.
It changed my perception of skincare and sunscreen completely!
I have already raved about the glorious Biore Watery mousse here, but since the tube is small and I like trying new things I had to buy some new sunscreen.

I don’t know if it is just me but I forget to apply sunscreen often. I usually remember but then it is too late since I already applied concealer or CC cream. Or what about the parts such as arms and chest when I wear something a little less modest. Or about the days I actually spend a few hours in the sun? Well, applying sunscreen is not really something I do in these situations and I knew there had to be a solution for it.
In comes sunscreen spray!

Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Smart Sun Spray SPF 50 PA+++ review

I know it has been around for ages, but I only had tried the yucky Western counterparts.
After reading that sprays were not meant to be used on the face I thought it might not be suitable for me. But finally I found some sprays that were for the face specifically (and body of course) and I took the plunge. Since I couldn't find any reviews I just ordered the cheapest one of the Get It Beauty list.
I am very happy that I did.
This stuff is great!

Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Smart Sun Spray SPF 50 PA+++ review
Tried Leports Sun and absolutely hated it!

I was a little worried since I first used Leports Sun from the same line that I hated but thankfully they are nothing alike.
This spray is lightweight, leaves no white cast and is easy to use.
I like that I can't feel it when applied and that even when I layer it, the spray is still undetectable.
I generally apply one thinnish layer on my face, close my eyes and mouth, hold my breath and spray it from about 15 cm distance all over my face. Then I walk away from the spray area, breath and repeat.
This way I want to make sure that I applied it properly and evenly.
After it is sprayed, there is a misty foggy haze hanging in the air.
I assume it is the sunscreen floating around. It dissipates fast and I didn't notice any staining on my walls or carpet.
I cant really explain how it smells. Kind of sunscreeny and sprayey.
It doesn't linger though so it is not something I think about.
I really like this spray since it has all the characteristics I want from a sunscreen.

No white cast
No greasiness
No stickiness
No bad smell
High protection
Easy to use

I am excited to try more sprays to see how they compare to this one but honestly I am not sure what they could improve (besides prettier packaging or possibly coconut scent).
I really like it and I will never look back to the dark times before I discovered spray sunscreen!

And here I leave you with Johnny Clyde being Johnny Clyde.
Disclaimer: he is like a cat, he has a serious aversion to any kind of spray.
He freaks out like this, be it hair spray or plain water.
And this was not his first time using this spray!

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