Recent Cosmetic favorites and a little bit about me

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I have been in Spain for a little while visiting Mother and enjoying some off time. I have been busier than expected and quickly ran out of posts I created so you wouldn’t feel completely abandoned.
I hope you don’t either way!
When I am not running around doing family stuff or trying to enjoy the rather strange weather, I am in bed trying not to succumb to episodes of allergy. For some mysterious reason I am always very allergic when I am here. Not sure if its the town or the apartment I am allergic to, either way it hits me hard every time. Even when I take allergy pills I start feeling like I have a bad cold, that for some reason gets worse the longer I am here. Well with a painy head that feels like stuffed with cotton and a red nose I wallow in my bed trying to not nap the day away.
The good news is that I do indeed get some down time in between the episodes which made me able to write this post and occasionally have tiny adventures.
Tomorrow will possibly be lots of fun but since it is a surprise for Johnny Clyde I can’t say anything yet.

I was actually going to write about my favorite things I have been using on my trip.
If my brain lets me, I will also write about cosmetics I bring and how I organize myself to have enough for several people on a longer trip.
I have clearly wandered off the path a little but I think I can see it through the bushes now.

The lovely Samplehime has created a group with which you can order from Testerkorea with the Business account. Doing so can give you some discounts and possibly more samples than usual.
A few months back I did indeed order through her and she was so sweet as to throw in some extra goodies for me. One of them was an Etude House travel set from the Like 20 line. I have been eyeing that line since it came out and was incredibly excited to travel and be able to use it.

Let me tell you I really like that cream!
It is sadly almost finished but lasted me two and a half weeks which is absolutely decent for the size.
I will make a more detailed review of the whole line but the cream is definitely one of my recent favorites. It is rich enough for my dry skin and feels really nice when applied.
I would possibly even buy the full size if I didn't have so much stuff already!

Used Blackbirdcosmetics on eyes, cheeks and lip
The next favorite is actually non Asian but from an indie brand named Blackbird Cosmetics.
I forgot how I even found them in the first place but on a whim I ordered their eye shadow sample set.
It arrived rather fast from the US and I have been obsessed with it ever since I tried it out.
The colors are really beautiful and the quality is great. The sample packets are super convenient for travel which finally enabled me to take more than just one or two eye shadows with me.
I will probably buy the other sample set too and really want to try their contouring powders and blushes.

When I got the Saems lipstick I was a little disappointed. The color was a brick red instead of the chocolate brown that was promised. It smells so amazing and the lip feeling is so great that I wanted to give it another try. I simply mixed it with brown liner and the resulting color is absolutely stunning! Even mother approves even though she isn’t a fan of dark lips.
You might have seen already if you follow me on Instagram, that I have worn it several times when going out to dinner, and the wear time has impressed me so far as well.
I hope they bring out more colors since I would love to get more shades from this line.

Only have crappy quality phone pics of it right now
The next two products are from Cosrx. I don’t know how they do it but they keep bringing out products that I love.
I was lucky to be sent a goodie package by them that included a cute looking cheek patch.
Since Mother wanted to do a beauty day I whipped them out thinking that I would not like them much and this way at least I would not have as many.
What a fool I was!
If you are wondering why I expected not to like them the reasons are these:
I don’t really like sheet masks.
The lip and eye masks I have tried have done nothing so far.
Why would I want a cheek patch?
It just seems gimmicky to me.
So I cleansed my face, put on the patch listlessly, and immediately gasped because it felt so nice on my face. It was cooling but not cold (it was cold enough last week!) and the consistency was really lovely. I have tried gel patches before but this one is especially nice. It was moist in a refreshing way not in the soaky gross way that sheet masks usually are. And after leaving it on for a really long time, since it felt so nice, I almost didn’t believe my eyes when I took it off.
There was a visible difference!
My cheeks looked freaking perfect!
It actually somehow made my pores less visible so much that the pores on my nose looked huge in comparison! The skin on my cheeks also looked really smooth and glowy that there was a noticeable difference to where the patch was not applied. It had the same effect on Mothers skin and we immediately checked if Cosrx had the same product but for the entire face. Unfortunately they don't but if they had it, I would buy them all!
I can’t wait to test them again and photograph everything for you to see.

I received the C21.5 and didn’t expect much news from it either. I have to say that the first test didn’t bode well since I was told this version isn’t sticky at all but unfortunately it still is. That is not an issue to me since I can’t feel it but Mother was disappointed. What I did not expect is that it would improve my complexion so much and so fast. After exactly 5 days of usage Johnny Clyde suddenly tells me that my skin looks great. I was so shocked at this I ran to the mirror to see if that was true. Johnny Clyde is not the kind of person to notice peoples skin so that observation was startling to me. But he was right my skin did indeed look great. I asked Mother about it and she confirmed. It had been looking great since day 4. She even had me make some forehead wrinkle test to see if I was cheating, but no. This serum diminished my forehead wrinkles into oblivion, got rid of left over spots and made my skin so glowy and smooth I looked like I was wearing foundation and all within 5 days. I don’t know how but Osts products seem to be made out of Unicorn blood and angel tears!
Just two weeks ago I found out that OST was part of Cosrx and I couldn’t help but wonder if they make any products that aren't great. Now I have to try Ciracle I suppose, since it is also one of their brands. Well, consider me a fan!

Full reviews of all the products will be coming soon of course.
What are your current or recent favourites?