The Saem Eco Soul Kiss Button Lips Matte in #6 Bitter Chocolate review

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I have been looking for a brown lipstick for a long time.
I have an old one from Chanel but the color doesn’t suit me too well but since I know brown lipstick is very flattering on me I still wanted to look for one that looks decent.
When I ventured into my local drug and department stores I couldn’t find anything that was dark enough. Due to my pigmented lips, most brown shades available here don’t show up on me ( If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my fruitless swatch bonanza).

So I thought I might try to find an Asian lipstick that would fit my criteria.
It was not easy to be honest.
Brown is not really a shade that is popular there right now and usually not part of the color selections offered. I did find a few but choosing was hard.
After all there, was no reviews and few swatches (I think it was a total of two swatches actually) and going after the promo pics is not recommended.

Who are they trying to fool? Neither the finish nor the colors are anything like in this picture
I have had many disappointments following the advertisements from brands since it is reallynotaccurate. Especially since the models used, usually have very light lips and I can’t compare those results to mine. Oh yeah and there is also photoshop!
I finally decided on The Saems Button Kiss lipstick.
They have a satin and a matte line and both offer one brown looking shade. With the enticing names of Bitter Chocolate and Bitter Coffee.
Very brown sounding names too.
I did indeed find swatches for the satin line and determined that Bitter Coffee would probably be too red. I am a matte kind of girl anyway so matte it was.

I have to say I was disappointed when I received it.
Besides the absolutely delicious smell the shade was completely different than expected.
It is kind of a brick red, like muddy but still red.
I suppose it can be called brownish but to me it is distinctively redder than brown.
I applied it and the feeling on my lips was very comfortable.

1 Layer on the left and 3 on the right. Color is a little less red than in the photo
I usually don’t use lipsticks anymore since I hate how they feel on my lips but this is quite pleasant. The wear time is great as well so I really didn't want to give up on this lipstick.
So instead I mixed it with a brown lipliner. And the results are amazing!
I really really love the shade that came out.
Mother loved it, even though she isn’t a fan of too dark lips and Johnnys eyes goggle out every time I wear it. He gets all shy and smiley too. That makes me believe that it is indeed very flattering.
I call that a success!
In the upper photo you can see how the lipstick changes the lipliners color into a softer redder shade

So back to the lipstick.
As I mentioned before it smells amazing.
Like truly!
It is one of the nicest things I have ever smelled!
Unfortunately it is very faint (Johnny can't smell it at all) and doesn't linger on the lips.

The stain is the color you get when wiping the lipstick off or when it fades by itself
As far as the wear time goes it lasts 4-5 hours like new depending on what you do.
It does fade well, to a reddish brown natural looking lip.
It does transfer but not much since it is matte and relatively dry.
I have worn it out to dinners a few times. The stain it leaves behind on a glass is almost unperceivable. It does fade when you eat greasy food but not much if you take care.
Each dinner the lipstick was still intact but in different degrees depending on the food I ate.
I even had ribs with it and the lipstick still looked decent afterwards.
It survives some kissing but will color off on the other person. I say this is definitely one of the longest lasting and sturdiest lipsticks I own.

The color is really hard to photograph unfortunately. This is the most accurate representation though
One can wear it sheer or layer it but if you add one layer from the bullet it will be 85% opaque.
Two layers make it darker but not much.
I really really like this product!
I haven't worn lipstick much in years but I have been grabbing this one a lot.
I might purchase other colors from this line too since it feels and looks so great.
Which one? That would be the real question!

Ingredients: Here

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This is the lipstick mixed with the brown lipliner. I find it much more flattering on me than on the photo above

Purchased at Beautynetkorea
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