Jolse revealed and reviewed

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Jolse haul and shop review

I haven't written a store review in a long time. Partly because I actually haven't purchased off of new stores and partly because the few I did purchase from I somehow forgot to review.
I hope that in the next few weeks I can at least write about two new stores for you all.
Today I will talk about Jolse. I have heard lots of good things about them for the past few years. 
I honestly don't know why I never got anything there but sometimes things just kind of happen.
Jolse is actually well known for sending a lot of samples with their orders, something I appreciate very much.
Even though I have seen plenty of pictures of all the samples they send out I never really believed it until a friend of mine kept showing me how much she got with her purchase.
I finally did order something with them when I needed two items that were indeed cheapest at Jolse and thought it might be a good opportunity to try their store out.

Jolse haul and shop review
Their page is easy to use and they offer free shipping with a tracking number for 2.50$.
I ordered two items in their shop on the 26.3 and they send it out on the 27.3, it arrived on the 10.4.
That is eleven working days and pretty fast I have to say.
I am also happy with the way the products were packaged. Neat and secure.
And of course there is the plus of all the samples!
From what I can tell they usually add oil blotting papers, a pore strip and a sheet mask in addition to loose samples.

Jolse haul and shop review samples
Very excited to try out Bbogeul Moisture Cream!
Everything went smoothly and without hassle. Prices are good, shipping is fast and samples are abundant. I think this is definitely a shop to consider and I will absolutely re purchase from them again!