Moi and the Chocolate factory

11:36 AM Moi Sanom 2 Comments

When I read Charlie and the chocolate factory for the first time, I was about ten years old and absolutely loved the book.
My childhood dream at that time was, of course besides meeting Willy Wonka and visiting the factory, eating some Wonka candy.
So when I went abroad after reading the book and saw an actual Wonka candy bar it was like a fantasy come true.
The candy didn’t taste as good as I imagined it, ( what does…) but it was still pretty awesome!
I recently traveled again to the promised land of Wonka sweets and found the greatest sales pitch of all times…

The incredible thing about this is that I always wanted a similar vibe for my 35th of May brand and products.
So to all you talented writers I say: "I challenge you! Are you able to write something as awesome as this for 35th for May?"