Which movie am I gonna watch tonight special?

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New York I love you
Directed by: Jiang Wen, Mira Nair, Shunji Iwai, Yvan Attal, Brett Ratner, Allen Hughes, Shekhar Kapur, Natalie Portman, Fatih Akin, Joshua Marston, Randy Balsmeyer
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Julie Christie, Shia LaBeouf

The movie consists of 11 short films produced by the same people that did Paris, je t'aime. I liked the idea of the film and the whole vibe it had. I do think the film is fairly easy to watch, so it pleases many different kinds of movie tastes.
But the only reason I am actually reviewing this film is part 7.

It was written by Anthony Minghella and directed by Shekhar Kapur. The aesthetics of this short film are so beautiful that they can’t be explained. The plot is weird and intriguing, but leaves you to want to see more. Which I did, I watched that part 3 times in a row. After that, I believe, I have understood what it could mean… 
I always liked Shia LaBeouf for some reason, but he really blew me away with this performance.
Everything in this short just seemed to be right, and it went somewhere deep and touched me there. 
I don’t even know why or how….
Well, maybe it’s just me… But if you have seen it I would love to hear your interpretations about it!