Voyage to Wonderland, and what I thought about it...

1:36 PM Moi Sanom 2 Comments

-->When I went to the cinema on Saturday I was absolutely surprised to see the whole place decorated and “dressed up” for the Alice in Wonderland movie. It started already outside on the cinema sign, where a giant top hat was sitting, Alice greeted you at the door and the Cheshire cat grinned down on you from the entrance. Inside there was humongous posters of the wonderlandscape, and scattered mushroom cutouts. After entering through the doors the cinema employees greeted you dressed up as the characters. Difficult to believe, but all this made me just a little bit more excited and antsy.

The question now is….what did I think?

I was disappointed about the film! Which was my biggest fear. That after waiting so long for something that I’m slightly obsessed about with all these fantastic actors I love, it would just be another Mars Attacks, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I did enjoy the story around “Wonderland”, and how they used the books as a base for the film instead of doing a live action version of the previous Disney film.
I wasn’t very impressed with Johnny Depp, but I didn’t expect anything spectacular for some reason from him in this film anyways. And what was Anne Hathaway doing…I really didn’t get it. I was positively surprised by Mia Wasikowska, though, and I enjoyed Helena Bonham Carters part very much too.
It’s totally Tim Burton and I love what he does with his movies! I hope he continues doing his thing for a long time; I just don’t get bored with it.
By the way that red tutu outfit with the black and white stripes Alice wore in the red queen’s castle was soooo lovely!