Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

11:59 AM Moi Sanom 0 Comments

Directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel
Starring: Lynn Collins, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

So maybe you have noticed that I am in kind of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt phase right now. I usually try to watch all the movies of certain actors I like during the time I’m particularly interested in them. But this is not a post about him, but about Uncertainty.
It was like watching two movies at the same time, with the same actors playing the same roles, but a different plot. Usually when this is the case you just have to wait patiently, and in the end it will be revealed to you how it actually connects to each other.
I liked the feeling of this film, and the color idea, even though Lynn Collins annoyed me a little. It had a realistic feeling to it, different then most American films usually are. Apparently the dialogs where not included in the script and mainly improvised, so that would explain it in a way. I have quite enjoyed this film, and I would recommend it to others, but I honestly didn’t get it.
If there is anything to get, please enlighten me…