Music & Elevators

10:36 AM Moi Sanom 2 Comments

photography by Sulejman on deviantART

Why do we have music for a 20 second ride? I mean how high maintenance have we become to demand such a thing? Why don’t we have escalator music too? Or park bench music? That would actually be really nice come to think of it..

Who came up with the idea of elevator music? Is there a special elevator music market? Are there tiny elevator musicians? Tiny elevator music bands?
So many questions about this phenomenon and only a short lifetime to research it in!

What kind of music would I want to hear in MY elevator if I had my own? Would I stay in the elevator if the song was really good? Would I get off early if it was horrible? Would people with the same elevator music taste come to my elevator to hang out? Would they bring drinks? What about elevator-music videos? With elevator-music video vixens. That would be entertaining.

But before you know it all the sponsors would destroy everything. It would be a 20 sec music piece with three-second intermissions from our favourite brands.

Until next Monday, appreciate elevators. They work hard for us!