Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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The Ninth Gate

Directed by Roman Polanski
Starring: Johnny Depp, Lena Olin, Frank Langella, Emmanuelle Seigner

I love books.
I love movies.
I love books about books and movies about books.
So here I am watching this movie about books based on a book about books…
If you then add some Roman Polanski, Johnny Depp, Lena Olin and put it all in an intriguing and pseudo occult European setting, you get a must see film!
It is also one of those films that you understand and appreciate better each time you watch it.

By the way if the book The Club Dumas by Arturo Pérez-Reverte , which this film is based on, crosses your path, read it it’s very good!


How to care for your polymer clay items

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No I'm not putting the picture of a kitty up there to catch your attention, even though it has nothing to do with the post. Or am I...

After purchasing one of my products you have a two week guarantee.
If any of the items break within that time, you can send it back and i will fix it free of charge.

But what to do after that time?
Here a few tips how to keep your polymer clay pieces looking like freshly made.

- Keep the pieces away from dust, or dust them regularly so that they continue looking fresh and new as long as possible.

- You can easily clean some stains with a wet wipe, or just a moist cloth.

- The items are water resistant but not water proof. It's ok if they get a little wet, but don't leave them submerged for a longer period of time.

- Polymer clay is quite robust, but the thinner pieces are sensitive to
breakage if you let it fall.

- If any little pieces break of you can just glue it back on with super glue.

Good luck and i hope you enjoy your wonderful 35th of May products for a long time...

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight special?

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New York I love you
Directed by: Jiang Wen, Mira Nair, Shunji Iwai, Yvan Attal, Brett Ratner, Allen Hughes, Shekhar Kapur, Natalie Portman, Fatih Akin, Joshua Marston, Randy Balsmeyer
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Julie Christie, Shia LaBeouf

The movie consists of 11 short films produced by the same people that did Paris, je t'aime. I liked the idea of the film and the whole vibe it had. I do think the film is fairly easy to watch, so it pleases many different kinds of movie tastes.
But the only reason I am actually reviewing this film is part 7.

It was written by Anthony Minghella and directed by Shekhar Kapur. The aesthetics of this short film are so beautiful that they can’t be explained. The plot is weird and intriguing, but leaves you to want to see more. Which I did, I watched that part 3 times in a row. After that, I believe, I have understood what it could mean… 
I always liked Shia LaBeouf for some reason, but he really blew me away with this performance.
Everything in this short just seemed to be right, and it went somewhere deep and touched me there. 
I don’t even know why or how….
Well, maybe it’s just me… But if you have seen it I would love to hear your interpretations about it!

Three Insane Ways to Stay Sane By Laura Michele :)

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Gumball Machines & Toy Store Dreams: Be a Kid.

Be a kid. Simple statement but not so simple to do. Why isn’t it easy? Because our dumb egos get in the way that’s why! We are often too proud to make fools of ourselves. Well be a fool! Play in the toy stores, swing on the swings in the park, use your last quarter in the gumball machine to get a nifty little toy! Who cares if a stranger (or 2, 3, 12, 547 strangers) sees you? They are called strangers for a reason… because YOU DON’T KNOW THEM, and they are probably strange too but just good at hiding it. So you see, it doesn’t matter what they think because strangers have no bearing on your life and odds are you’ll never see them again. Be playful and young at heart! It helps to take your mind off your worries and live in the moment, plus create crazy memories! Ask yourself this… Would I rather do something out of the ordinary and have fun being able to say I did it, OR sit on the sidelines and regret putting yourself out there for your own benefit?

By vetsaur

2. Where’s That Voice Coming From… Oh, It’s Me: Think Out Loud

This is sometimes key to keeping your sanity. Like when you read your grocery list out loud in the store and don’t realize that other people in the aisle now know you need to buy oranges, cookies, and toilet paper. That’s when you say “Oh I need peanut butter too”, completely disregarding the fact that the elderly lady buying soda crackers next to you doesn’t care about your peanut butter dilemma. What would you do if you didn’t think out loud? You’d forget the peanut butter and be frustrated later on! But seriously, when people are most stressed and on edge I think hearing your own voice helps. So in unimportant situations like the one above (unless peanut butter IS an important matter for you, in which case I apologize for making it seem frivolous), to something which deeply effects you, I think hearing your concerns, fears, or whatever is on your mind out loud, really helps. You can vent to someone or grumble to yourself under your breath. Either way talking out loud allows you to get it out and sometimes puts things into perspective.

3. It’s Only Real If You Believe In It: Use Your Imagination.

I truly believe it’s okay to be unrealistic. It’s okay to pretend for a little while. Anything you can imagine in a positive way causes you to grow as a person. Imagine what it would feel like to be in someone elses shoes (you gain empathy), to be famous and looked up to (you gain aspirations), to find your true love today (you gain hope). What’s unrealistic to some is complete reality to others. For example one person in a hard situation could think “This sucks, my life sucks, everything sucks…” while another person in the same situation could think “this is a great learning experience”. Where one person finds pessimism another finds optimism. It’s all about the reality that you see. So imagine the best for yourself. Dream big, and then dream even bigger.

Moi and the Chocolate factory

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When I read Charlie and the chocolate factory for the first time, I was about ten years old and absolutely loved the book.
My childhood dream at that time was, of course besides meeting Willy Wonka and visiting the factory, eating some Wonka candy.
So when I went abroad after reading the book and saw an actual Wonka candy bar it was like a fantasy come true.
The candy didn’t taste as good as I imagined it, ( what does…) but it was still pretty awesome!
I recently traveled again to the promised land of Wonka sweets and found the greatest sales pitch of all times…

The incredible thing about this is that I always wanted a similar vibe for my 35th of May brand and products.
So to all you talented writers I say: "I challenge you! Are you able to write something as awesome as this for 35th for May?"

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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Arizona Dream
Directed by Emir Kusturica
Starring: Johnny Depp, Jerry Lewis, Faye Dunaway

I loved it so much…I really can’t find any words to do it justice, so I’ll just let them tell you themselves.

-In my dream, you know the movie dream?
There was a place on the Bering Sea. It's completely flat, and really, really quiet, you know?
Not even the wind whistling, because there's nothing there. And then there's a boat, and then...there's the Eskimos. Eskimos believe that, even though you die, you're never really dead.

-What then?

-You're... infinity.
They believe that when the physical suit of skin dies, it becomes part of the earth, but your soul...keeps going, into other things...like trees...or fish or rocks...or even other people, who actually are at that point, you.
And love works the same way... So like, if you and I went down in a plane crash that would be okay, because our souls would keep going. And we'd love each other over and over, from place to place, because it's infinity.

-And you want to go there with me?

- Yeah. We would love each other over and over, for infinity. Elaine, we'll go to the Bering Sea, we'll be in love, and we'll never die. Never die. We can leave tomorrow, or we can leave right now.


Evolucion of the Cupcakes...

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--> -->
A couple of weeks ago I got a custom order that exited me very much!
An Alice inspired cupcake set consisting of earrings and a ring!
The characters to be turned into cupcakes were the white rabbit, the Cheshire cat and the red queen.
So after brainstorming a little while I thought the best way to do it is to keep it as simple as possible but incorporating the key elements that identify each character.

So here is the “toppings” and the color combinations I came up with …

And the evolution to the finished product...

So what do you guys think about my interpretation Of Cupcakes in Wonderland?

Music & Elevators

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photography by Sulejman on deviantART

Why do we have music for a 20 second ride? I mean how high maintenance have we become to demand such a thing? Why don’t we have escalator music too? Or park bench music? That would actually be really nice come to think of it..

Who came up with the idea of elevator music? Is there a special elevator music market? Are there tiny elevator musicians? Tiny elevator music bands?
So many questions about this phenomenon and only a short lifetime to research it in!

What kind of music would I want to hear in MY elevator if I had my own? Would I stay in the elevator if the song was really good? Would I get off early if it was horrible? Would people with the same elevator music taste come to my elevator to hang out? Would they bring drinks? What about elevator-music videos? With elevator-music video vixens. That would be entertaining.

But before you know it all the sponsors would destroy everything. It would be a 20 sec music piece with three-second intermissions from our favourite brands.

Until next Monday, appreciate elevators. They work hard for us!

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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Directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel
Starring: Lynn Collins, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

So maybe you have noticed that I am in kind of a Joseph Gordon-Levitt phase right now. I usually try to watch all the movies of certain actors I like during the time I’m particularly interested in them. But this is not a post about him, but about Uncertainty.
It was like watching two movies at the same time, with the same actors playing the same roles, but a different plot. Usually when this is the case you just have to wait patiently, and in the end it will be revealed to you how it actually connects to each other.
I liked the feeling of this film, and the color idea, even though Lynn Collins annoyed me a little. It had a realistic feeling to it, different then most American films usually are. Apparently the dialogs where not included in the script and mainly improvised, so that would explain it in a way. I have quite enjoyed this film, and I would recommend it to others, but I honestly didn’t get it.
If there is anything to get, please enlighten me…

Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

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Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Alan Arkin, Ele Keats


Black and white.

Stylized picturesque dreams.

Robert Downey Jr’s vibe.

1955’s aesthetics.


Voyage to Wonderland, and what I thought about it...

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-->When I went to the cinema on Saturday I was absolutely surprised to see the whole place decorated and “dressed up” for the Alice in Wonderland movie. It started already outside on the cinema sign, where a giant top hat was sitting, Alice greeted you at the door and the Cheshire cat grinned down on you from the entrance. Inside there was humongous posters of the wonderlandscape, and scattered mushroom cutouts. After entering through the doors the cinema employees greeted you dressed up as the characters. Difficult to believe, but all this made me just a little bit more excited and antsy.

The question now is….what did I think?

I was disappointed about the film! Which was my biggest fear. That after waiting so long for something that I’m slightly obsessed about with all these fantastic actors I love, it would just be another Mars Attacks, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I did enjoy the story around “Wonderland”, and how they used the books as a base for the film instead of doing a live action version of the previous Disney film.
I wasn’t very impressed with Johnny Depp, but I didn’t expect anything spectacular for some reason from him in this film anyways. And what was Anne Hathaway doing…I really didn’t get it. I was positively surprised by Mia Wasikowska, though, and I enjoyed Helena Bonham Carters part very much too.
It’s totally Tim Burton and I love what he does with his movies! I hope he continues doing his thing for a long time; I just don’t get bored with it.
By the way that red tutu outfit with the black and white stripes Alice wore in the red queen’s castle was soooo lovely!

The day has come!

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The day has come!

I am getting ready to see Alice in Wonderland right now.

I can't believe it, but so far I still haven't seen the trailer or anything related to that.
Yesterday I almost saw some scenes from the film....
That was my fault though.
There was a program on my muted TV that was talking about Alice and I almost noticed to late....

Two years ago the same thing happened with America's Next Top Model.
I managed two whole days without seeing who the winner was, and while I was waiting to see the Finale rerun they showed it on TV ten minutes before the program was gonna start....

So... If they show the Alice trailer before the film starts I might cry, or scream or maybe start a riot in the cinema or something!

I am warning you now Swedish cinema! You better don't show the trailer...

Oh my, I'm getting totally carried away! I urgently need to go watch it before i go mad ...
Ok folks, I'm off
and tomorrow the review ;)

Music & Disney

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I’m from one of the generations raised on Disney movies. I, like many others, know every song in all the really known films Disney released. And in anticipation of the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland I thought about reminiscing over some of the music we love in Disney’s grand vault of classics!
Every Christmas they show a medley of Disney movies on Swedish TV, and every year since we were kids, my older sister and I play out the party scene at the house of the seven dwarfs from “Snow-white”, synchronized to perfection! It’s a very confusing sight in real life, especially considering me now being 27 and my sister being 30! This is what Disney does to us...

The music in “The jungle book” has to be my favourite out of all the Disney classics! Every single song in it was a hit at some point of my childhood. Baloo’s song about life, love that philosophy and live by it today! Or King Luis swinging tune, love that! But I think it’s the vibe of the whole score that really enchants me, still to this day! There’s something mystical and unknown about the lonely melodies following Mowgli throughout his adventures in the big jungle. Those kinds of music that frees your mind from the dullness of reality and just lets you forget,... for an hour and something.

Even many years later when movies like “The lion king”, “Beauty and the beast” and “Aladdin” came out; Disney’s film music still went strong. The music really managed to stay with time, sometimes ahead of time but at the same time, timeless!
I can’t wait to hear the music in Disney’s new film “The princess and the frog” since it’s played out in old New Orleans. Being the birthplace of so much beautiful music, I’m sure they stepped up their game for this one!
Until next Monday, make sure you reserve one of those Alice tickets or somebody else will..