35th of May Celebration Giveaway

3:00 PM Moi Sanom 121 Comments

It is the 35th of May today and I want to celebrate this wondrous day by holding a giveaway!
You guys have been wonderful and supportive throughout the years and I thought I would share with you some of my favorite products I have used during the past few months.

Only the best for my readers!
The rules are simple, no one is excluded, aliens, vampires and other non humans are included of course. I don’t know if the Post here ships to space, but if you know means to get the package to you, which ever planet you live on, I will try to do so.

This giveaway is also unisex, there are two items that most men wouldn’t know what to do with, but I always liked men with nail polish, so it really is up to you. Otherwise there is always sisters, friends and moms who would appreciate an eyelash curler!

The items are as follows:
Etude House Super Collagen trial kit (reviewed here)
Etude House Collagen Toner and Emulsion deluxe sample
Etude House Missing you Hand cream (little brother reviewed here)
Etude House A - Z Sheet mask in Jobs Tears (Hyaluronic acid version reviewed here)
Etude House Eyelash Curler
Etude House Nail Polish
And 4 mystery samples
1 secret gift!

To be honest I wasn’t planning on holding an Etude House giveaway, it just kind of happened organically, and I seem to really like their products, so I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!
I purchased all of the items with my own money so this is not a sponsored Giveaway!

When the Giveaway is over I will contact the Winner, if the Winner doesn't respond within 48 hours I will pick another one.

If you enter for the oldies please specify where you have been following me before this giveaway, otherwise I can't count the entry if it is not verifiable.

Edit: Hey batlings I have been checking out your entries and have been noticing that some are unverifiable! Please link me to the links I need, if you wrote a Blog post about this giveaway but you don't give me the link I can't count the entry. Writing your username instead of the link doesn't count either. Same thing goes for the other entries, I need the Facebook ones to be either direct shares from my post, need to be tagged in it or I need links.
Again I don't want to not count your entries just because I have the wrong info.

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Good luck my little bats and if not this time, there is always a next one...

Illustration by Misschlei and Design by Issa
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Thank you all again for your support!