Memebox Luckybox #2 Revealed and reviewed

8:14 PM Moi Sanom 5 Comments

Today I present to you Memebox Luckybox #2
This is my second box I received, the first one was Luckybox #1 which I will present to you soon as well.

Luckybox #2 left and #1 on the right
Memebox is a Korean beauty box, which delivers various types of different boxes that can be purchased individually when released.
There is different types of boxes, random ones, super boxes, mini boxes, ones for different themes and troubles and then there is Luckyboxes.
Luckybox #2 includes favorite deluxe samples and full size products from Memeboxes #2 - #7.

The outside packaging was black this time, I thought it was because my husband ordered it since the first box was packaged pink. Apparently all boxes were packaged black.
Some people have reported bad experiences with this company but I have been quite lucky with them. They send out their products on time and well packaged. Their customer service is fast and very helpful. I went on a holiday recently and one of their boxes was scheduled to arrive while I was gone. I wrote them an email and they held the shipping on that particular box until I gave them the green light to send it. I was very grateful for that and really appreciate the extra effort.

Packaged in extra bubble wrap
In general I quite enjoy Luckyboxes since they contain popular products and some people find the regular Boxes a little disappointing.
I have a regular Memebox and two themed boxes being sent to me so I will get back to you with the differences.

pink and grey box and the juicy insides
I quite liked this box! Out of the 7 products offered I was interested in 5 of them.
One of these products I ended up absolutely loving, which is the LJH Essence reviewed here.
That stuff is true magic!

I am really not the Lip gloss kinda girl so that one is useless for me, and the Dr. G cream, in which I was really interested in, is unfortunately wrong for my skin type.

There is a leaflet in each box that explains all contained products
I am very intrigued to try out the curling essence and the sunscreen.
I haven’t tried an Asian hair care product yet, so now that I finally took photos of it I can test it on our super fuzzy hair.

Which product do you find most intriguing?
Have you tried a Memebox yet?
Is there anything you would like me to review out of this batch?

So many questions!
I will update this post as soon as I tried the rest of the products so stay tuned!