Eopenmarkets Luckybox revealed and reviewed

11:59 PM Moi Sanom 10 Comments

In my quest to try out as many Asian online skin care stores I found Eopenmarket, aka Cosmeticmarket2012.
Back in the summer of 2013 I purchased my TonyMoly Cats wink pact from them on their Ebay shop, and thought that their service was good.

Yes it is that adorable and also an amazing product!
Now a year later I heard that they had an online store were they sell Luckyboxes, a box full of sample sachets and deluxe samples costing only 6.80$.
I was intrigued of course, I mean a whole box of surprise samples!
Sounds too enticing not to try!
I ordered on the 13th, a Friday night of course!
Because as you might have noticed I love to order Asian cosmetics on Friday night...
It was Friday the 13th so I am not surprised this package turned out to be awesome!


I also reordered another Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream since I was running out.
The snail cream, the Lucky box plus shipping was just over 15$ which is pretty good in my book!

Cosmeticmarekt Luckybox
Luckybox with Mizon snail cream and  samples
To be honest, even though I have seen pictures of the previous Luckybox I wasn’t sure what to expect.
It arrived the 25th, here I need to note that I have had recent issues with my post office, they have horded my packages from the past 2 weeks and finally made them available for pick up to me that day.
So I can not for sure say that it arrived the 25th, either way if you consider they probably send it out Monday the 16th that is pretty fast!

Cosmeticmarekt Luckybox
The insides
The Luckybox came in a pink plastic bag , that is that exact shade of bright pink which is impossible to photograph.
When I opened it I saw a huge stack of samples and got all excited.
Unfortunately I had to wait to open it until the next day since it was already too dark to photograph it.

Cosmeticmarekt Luckybox
Deluxe samples inside the bubble wrap
So let me just list all of the products

Full size products:
Innisfree It’s real green tea mask

Deluxe samples:
It’s skin Hyaluronic Acid Toner
It’s skin Hyaluronic Acid Emulsion
Collagen Moistfull Peeling wash
Etude House Real Art Cleansing oil in Moisture (25ml)
Etude House Real Art Cleansing oil in Deep Moisture (15ml)

Sample sachets:
It’s skin Mangowhite Peeling gel
Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner
Missha Super Aqua Waterfull cream 2x
TonyMoly Aqua Aura Moisture Cream 2x
Mizon Crystal Miracle Face cream 2x
Mizon Crystal Miracle Body cream
Etude House Super Collagen Moistfull cream 2x
Etude House Collagen Moistfull cream 2x
Mizon Bee Venom Calming Fresh Cream
Holika Holika Good Cera Super Cream
Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Cream 2x
Skinfood Royal Honey Nutrition Cream
Skinfood Royal Honey Mask
TonyMoly Floria Whitening Cream 2x
TonyMoly Floria Whitening Toner 2x
Missha Time Revolution First essence
Etude House CC Cream in Silky 2x
Etude House Nymph Aqua Volumer in #1 2x
Skin79 Super BB Cream in Purple 2x
Skin79 Super BB Cream in Green 2x
Skin79 Super BB Cream in Gold 2x
TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream 2x
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Bright Fit 2x
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in Blooming Fit 2x
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001 2x
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in RD301 2x
Mizon Pore Refine Silky Essence 2x
Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam 2x

Cosmeticmarekt Luckybox
So many goodies!
To be honest I am really happy with this sample box!
There were many oldies and many newies too.
Some things I have been wanting to try or even had in my cart before, but never bought them.
The only thing that seems a little bit illogical is to put in two deluxe samples of the Etude House cleansing oil for the same skin type.
But I can’t really complain since I really like that cleansing oil!
And the other thing is that I actually got 3 separate samples for buying the Mizon snail cream, which I find kind of sweet, after getting so many samples already.
I got:
Mizon Crystal Miracle Face cream
Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in PK001
Etude House Super Collagen Moistfull cream

All in all I would recommend both the shop and the Luckybox, the shipping was very fast and the service was good.
The prices in the store are reasonable as well, even though I think shipping costs can get high fast if you buy heavy items.

1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
I give them 5 out of 6.
They would have gotten 6 if there would have been a better balance of deluxe samples and sachets.
I would have like to maybe see a travel set in there.

Purchased at Eopenmarket

If I ever manage to finish all these samples I would definitely order another Luckybox in the future.

Have you ordered the Luckybox before?
What did you get and did you like the contents?
Is there any product you would like me to review?