Johnny Clyde Reviews: Naris Up Egg Shell pack

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Naris Up Egg Shell pack (100gr)
Made in Japan, a gentle once weekly peel mask for all skin types, especially good for blackheads, acne and sallow skin. Eggshell membrane extract and collagen work together to smooth and moisturize.

For best results:
Cleanse skin and pat dry. Squeeze mask onto fingertip and apply thin layer over entire face, avoid areas around eyes, nose, brows, etc. Wait 10 minutes or until the mask is dry, then peel off from top to bottom. You can rinse, or follow with moisturizing, lightening, etc.
Use no more than twice a week, and discontinue use immediately if your skin is irritated by use.

Naris Up Egg Shell pack
box and tube
Naris Up Egg Shell pack is a product used to rip the dirt right out of your pores!
That's as brutal as it sounds.
From your pores perspective, they're sitting there on your nose with their little dirt speck buddies waiting to have a good time, when from up above comes a wondrous white blanket angel!
The blanket angel falls down softly, covering everything and everyone the pores and dirt specks know.
Naris Up Egg Shell pack swatch
Droplet of the egg shell pack to the left, and to the right blanketet
The angel blanket whispers such delightful things to them as it hardens.
The pores and dirt specks barely even notice!
Just when things seem to be going perfectly, the blanket angel removes itself ferociously, taking all the dirt speck friends with it!
Blanket Angel is a straight up friend stealer!

Well, that's what this product would like you to believe.
In reality, the blanket angel comes down from the heavens, hardens, and leaves all alone to die somewhere in a dark corner by itself.
Leaving all the pores and dirt specks to party forever.
This product smells like glue, feels like glue, looks like glue, and it works like glue.

(Glue doesn't really work at all)
My pores were just as dirty before as after.

Naris Up Egg Shell pack
Before left;                                            after right
So no real point in using it.
Real waste of time, really.
I'll look back on this day thinking of all the cool things I could have done instead of trying to strip my pores of their friends.
It didn't even hurt ripping off the product!

All beautifying things are supposed to hurt, right?
Tickled a little, but that's not the feeling you want when you're trying to ruin life long relationships on your nose.
You don't want it to 'tickle' you want it to bleed!

Naris Up Egg Shell pack strip
See no blood! Just a few sad dead skin cells
PH: 5
Ingredients: here

Overall I give this product a 1 because it's a total waste of time and does seriously actually nothing at all.
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Mois thought:
Johnny Clyde got it right (ha a rhyme! Johnny Clyde begs to differ but he doens't know anything about Rhymes!)
Besides the blood part of course! Please don't hurt yourself until you bleed only to clean out your pores, but besides that, yes he got it right!
Its pretty much just like putting white glue on your face!
I have never found it to be helpful cleaning out pores or giving my face any skin care benefits what so ever.
It does leave your skin smoother then before since it takes some dead skin cells with it, but I find there is better ways to achieve that even though this is gentle enough.
I wish I could read Japanese so I would know what is in this stuff!
This was a cheap impulse buy, which turned out to be my first Asian skin care dud so far.
I still have a good track record with Japanese products though, so this one doesn't deter me from trying out more.

Rating:  I give this one a 2.
I don't hate it and it didn't hurt me.
I will save my 1 for a real doozy!
1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Christian Bale really hates friends on his face!