Bornprettystore review and Sponsorship announcement

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Today I am very happy to announce my sponsorship with Bornprettystore!
I am so excited to receive my first Sponsorship for this blog, which may mean little to you but quite a bit to me.
What I mean is I will continue doing my reviews like always, my opinions will be mine and I will of course not censor them at all.
The good news for you though is that you will not only get an opportunity to save some money but possibly have a new giveaway soon!
Giveaway time is happy dance time!
I will come back to this later, but for now let me tell you about my experience with Bornprettystore.

I had a lot of post troubles recently, lots of packages got lost in Parcel limbo and for some reason my post decided to withhold a lot of my parcels due to some mistake when I switched over to a PO Box. Unfortunately Bornprettystores first package got caught up in all of that confusion and got lost.

The wonderful Lady that I am in contact with there, is very nice and kept checking up on me since my package never arrived, after a little over a month she sent me another parcel since it was surely lost.
Fortunately that package actually arrived!
It took 4 weeks for it to arrive here, or at least I think so since the post might have kept it again, I will never know for sure.
But usually parcels from Asia take 2 - 4 weeks to arrive to my house.

My items came in a bubble envelope, which I am absolutely happy with since the store ships for free.
All the item were heavily wrapped so they can’t break.

Bornprettystore review

I decided to try out a set of mini brushes, I have good experiences with no brand brushes from China since I got my favorite powder blush from eBay, (and yes I like it even more than my MAC brushes!) a Burgundy lipstick and a black eyeliner.

Bornprettystore review

The brushes are super soft and didn’t shed when I played with them.
I haven’t used them extensively yet but I will make a separate review when I do.
The eyeliner seems to be inspired by Tonymolys cats wink line, since it has a very similar cats head on the top.

Yeah I confess I wanted to try it out only because it is cute!
One of my goals as a blogger is to test out products with adorable packaging and test the quality of their insides.
So far I have been very lucky and successful!

I have swatched the Eyeliner and it is very black, I will also review it separately when I have tested it more.
The lipstick looks to be a deep burgundy shade leaning in a brownish direction.
That would be wonderful since I have been looking for a lipstick in a brown burgundy shade.

Bornprettystore review

All in all I am very happy with Bornprettystores service, they are very professional and their products seem to have that wonderful balance of low price vs good quality.

If you are interested in trying some of their products you can use the link on the side bar or this discount code to save 10% on your purchase.
I receive no compensation if you guys use this code, but if they receive a certain amount of orders with it they will sponsor a Giveaway!
Which is a win win for you, my dear readers.

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