Memebox Milkbox Revealed and reviewed

9:01 PM Moi Sanom 4 Comments

I have written about Memebox before.
But you will see a bit more from them in the future!
I just received two more boxes this weekend, and will soon get  two more, plus a Memeshop order I made recently.

Memebox is a Korean beauty box, which delivers various types of different boxes that can be purchased individually when released.
There is many different types of boxes; random ones, super boxes, mini boxes,ones for different themes and for troubles.

Outside Memebox packaging
This is my first themed Memebox I got so far.
The theme is Milk.
And I am obsessed with Milk themed skincare.
I don’t really know why, since I don’t even drink milk.
Maybe because as a little kid I was allergic to soap with extremely dry skin and Mother sometimes poured Milk into my bath.

Either way this box is awesome!
The first thing I noticed was that it was incredibly heavy.
I got the box the same day I received the Oriental Medicine box, so I could compare the weight.
The second thing was this super delicious sweet smell that wafted towards me when I opened the box.
It smelled like the most delicious desert, but in a subtle way that makes you want to crawl into the box and live there forever.

The box looked really packed with full sized products, so that made me happy.
It contains products I don’t own yet, like the lip scrub and lip patch, products I don’t really use, body lotion, and products I always need, cleanser, mask and moisturizer.

All the products with English descriptions
I was so sad since I don’t own a bath tub and that bath powder looks and smells divine!
Also I don’t really use body lotions and I already have two I really like, so I might not use this and maybe give it away.
But the rest of the products are very much welcome in my house.

All that milky goodness!
I haven’t used them yet but took a whiff of the Chamomile Milk lip scrub dreading it would smell like the aforementioned flower, but thank goodness it smells like sweet deliciousness I want to eat.

By the way the Choosy Lip products are actually Japanese, a friend of mine uses the lip patches regularly though and told me she loves them.
So that is good news!
I am very curious about these lip products since they look promising and I really have been abandoning my lips a little when it comes to pampering!
Curious side note: Both the Choosy items are also usable on Nipples! 

The cleanser came at a perfect moment since Johnny Clyde is running out of his and I forgot to order a Milk cleanser I was eying with my last order.

I was very curious by the Donkey Milk and Argan oil steam cream.
The packaging looks gorgeous and adorable and I really wanted to find out what it would smell like.
Well it smells like milk actually, but not supermarket milk, real milk.
I can imagine some of you haven’t smelled real milk yet, it is sort of earthy and cheesy but in a good way.
Difficult to explain!
Either way the consistency of the cream was very smooth and the smell is only noticeable if you put your nose into the jar, it disappeared within seconds of being applied.

Have you guys received any Memeboxes recently?
Which products would you like to be reviewed first?