Which movie am I gonna watch tonight?

6:08 PM Moi Sanom 2 Comments


directed by Jon S. Baird
starring: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Eddie Marsan, Imogen Poots, Jim Broadbent


I saw posters of this film hanging everywhere here this summer.
It reminded me of the poster for Delicatessen and looked generally quite interesting.

I finally got around to see this film, and even though I knew nothing about it I was still quite surprised at what it was actually about.


It is a very weird film, in a way that anything could happen without much of a shock.
It doesn't follow any rules and that makes for an interesting and unexpected result.
You can definitely tell that this film is a European production, since they tend to be a little looser in the way they write stories.
Somehow they managed to makes this a humorous but also a quite dark movie.
It actually deals with quite a bit of moral issues in a light yet also serious way.


If you like strange films or are a fan of John Waters, not that this film is like a John Waters film but it definitely had elements, I would definitely recommend this!