Memebox Oriental Medicine Box Revealed and reviewed

8:40 PM Moi Sanom 9 Comments

Last week I reviewed the Milk Box (see here), the same day I received the oriental medicine box as well.
That was a good day in my house, also known as Korean skin care galore day!
Now you might think that I have gotten a little Memebox crazy and that I buy all of their boxes, but actually no.

Until this Box becomes available I will happily rejoice with my Memebox arrivals
I would like to buy them all, but I do still have a little bit of self restrain left in my body to only get the ones I really really want.
The Oriental medicine box was one of them.
I have been very curious about both fermented skin care and also products based on principles of Oriental medicine.
So this box came at a perfect time, not to mention there was also a killer coupon available that enabled me to indulge in this box for half the price!

I peeks them goodies!
To be honest I don’t know much about Oriental medicine.
I have had some Chi massages, acupuncture and a few herb brews, but that does not qualify me to judge these products on their “medicinal” side.
I do know a thing or two about skin care though.
Besides I feel like the words pharmaceutical and medicinal in skin care mean little.
But still, who knows what gems are within the walls of this mystery box?

I will review all of these goodies by themselves of course, but for now I will just give you my first impression.

Memebox information card
The hand cream is very nice, the consistency is smooth and not too thick.
It is still quite moisturizing and makes my hands soft.
The smell is very nice soft and creamy with a touch of sweetness.
I applied it to a bit of Johnny Clydes hand eczema too see if it does any magic.

Everything in all its glory
The serum is watery and rich.
It smells like a mix of vintage skin care and herb shop.
I can imagine many people won’t like this smell since vintage skin care fragrances are very out of fashion.
I like it though since it smells almost like a shower gel my grandma used when I was a little kid.
The smell isn't very strong and it disappears fast.
When I apply it to my hands or wrists the smell turns really lovely on me, since my skin has magic powers that turn vintage and weird scents into very sweet and nice smells but it turns already nice and sweet fragrances into whiffs of poop.
I know I have troubles using perfume, so I don’t use any!

I haven't tried the sheet masks yet, but they look oh so pretty!
Both are for dry skin, huzzah, one is brightening and the other one is moisturizing.

The CC Cream has very high sun protection, double huzzah, and is a mix of fermented ingredients and oriental medicine.
I haven’t opened it yet, but hopefully will review it soon.

Milk Box and Oriental Medicine Box
I think I might be looking forward the most to trying the little deluxe set of oil and essence.
I have been recently using a facial oil my friend sent me and it may or may not be a miracle product, so I am keen on trying more oils.

So all in all this is a pretty sweet box!
I can and want to use every single item, and there is a good mix of masks, deluxe samples and full sized products.

Is there anything you would like me to review first?
Have you gotten any boxes yet, if so which ones?