Etude House Princess Make-up table review and instructions

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Etude House Princess Make-up table

Etude House Princess Makeup Table
Clean your vanity with a 360-degree revolution available make-up table!
Anyone can assemble this in 3 mintues!

Etude House Princess Make-up table
Princess Make-up Table box
A little while ago I saw that Etude House had released a Make up table, when I saw it for the first time I hyperventilated for 5 minutes and then went on a 30 minute spree of finding a place where it would be available for purchase.
I finally found it for sale on Testerkorea.
I placed an order on the 1st of June, more details about that can be found in this Haul post.
When I finally received it I was so ecstatic!

You must know I moved into a new place in January and we only have 4 pieces of furniture, a vanity is not one of them.
Unfortunately we have a very small bathroom as well, besides that I like doing my skin care routine in my bedroom.
So you can maybe imagine that I have quite a bit of skin care and make up, all stashed away in boxes since I have no place to put it.
Until now I used a plastic box containing Johnny Clydes and my current skin care routine.
I had it next to my bed and put it on the bed whenever I used products out of it.
You can imagine how much rummaging I had to do in the box to find the correct product and just how unorganized and not pretty it was.

So maybe now that explains why I was so incredibly happy to receive this organizer.
And my goodness has my skin care routine been a breeze since!

Etude House Princess Make-up table
One eyed Kitty guards the box
The Princess Make-up table came in a cute pink box, it even has handles on it for portability!
The box is actually reusable which is a plus point!
When you unpack it the pieces come inside plastic bags surrounded by little peanuts for padding.
It also includes super glue, which I haven’t used since I don’t know if I will paint mine yet, and a sheet of see through stickers which I don’t know the use of since I don’t read Korean.
If you do though, I would love to know what they are for!

Etude House Princess Make-up table
Eyeless Kitty tells me how to build this
The instructions are pretty straight forward.
If you take the bottom part you will see that it has a round white thing attached to the bottom, make sure it is properly attached and not just laying on top of it.
There is latches were it fits in, mine was already attached but detached during the building process.

Then put the long walls in the shape of the pentagram into the little spaces that are visible in the bottom part.
It should look like step 1.
In step 2 you just add the pentagram shaped piece that has scalloped edges on top.
In step 35 you add the smaller pentagram shaped piece with the compartments on top.
In step 4 you add the little pie shaped pieces into one of the 3 slots available on the side walls.
This can be a little tricky, they need to be wedged in securely, you can use a little bit of force to achieve this.
This step took me a few tries, since every time one pie piece was in, the next one fell out when I tried to put a new one in.
I just changed the side I was working on since I realized that it all needs to be aligned perfectly for it to work.

Etude House Princess Make-up table

I realize that they say that you should put the pie pieces into the slots before you add the top part, it might be easier but since I didn’t glue it down it was all too wobbly to do it that way.
The whole procedure took me under ten minutes, so it is really quite easy to do.

Etude House Princess Make-up table

It turns around super smoothly and it makes all my essentials easily accessible.
I am so happy with my little organizer!
It is super pretty and incredibly useful!

Etude House Princess Make-up table
So pretty!
Both Johnny Clydes and my daily skin care routine fits in there including some make up and random skin care I had laying around.
I still have one side free for future things.
It  is 26 cm high and 23 cm wide which is both small enough to not take too much space in your room but big enough to fit in a lot of Skin care and Make-up.
All Korean items fit into the organizer, but I have 2 western products that are too large to be put in there.
The quality is sturdy plastic, and I am not worried that it will break down any second.
If they would come in different sizes I would definitely buy another one!

I need moarrr! All sizes all colors!
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Purchased at Testerkorea
Available at Cosmetic-Love

How do you organize all of your skin care and make up?
Do you have a Princess Make-up table and how do you like it?