Beauty Blogger meet up and Poland haul

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When I asked Ladymoonlight from Unfade what Fades if she can recommend some Polish products to me, I found out that I was going to visit the same city where she lives.
Delighted we decided to meet up for some extensive beauty and make up shopping.
This is my first time meeting a fellow Beauty Blogger and it was lots of fun!

Enjoying delicious chilled Chocolate with raspberries
We had an absolutely delicious chocolate drink from a famous polish confectioner, E. Wedel (now curiously owned by Korean company Lotte) and took the opportunity to swap some of our Asian cosmetics with each other.
I got samples and full sized items all in a very pretty Memebox, which wasn’t that super bright shade of in your face pink that I love (kidding it is the worst to photograph!)
I can’t wait to try all of these goodies out!

Tried out the Anti-Trouble mist and almost poisoned Johnny Clyde with it on accident
We then proceeded to peruse Make-up and drug stores.
We found the gorgeous Revlon Parfumerie Nail polish in Pink Pineapple which I have been looking for since I read her review on Unfade what Fades.
Just like the name it smells gorgeously like pineapples.
I hope they come up with more shades since I actually quite like the polish only find the shade selection a little small.

Ladymoonlight took me to Inglot for the first time.
I heard that it is a make up candy land and indeed it is.
Of course I didn't take any photos since I was too busy being overwhelmed with all the stuff they had. It is kind of like a mixture of Mac and Make-up store so you can paint yourself the picture.
After trying to find a grey or lavender lipstick I stumbled upon the most gorgeous shade of red eyeliner.
I have been using Burgundy eye liners for years now but I always wanted to try red.
I must say it looked just like blood and I had to have it!

The most beautiful bloody red!
The rest of the things I got from both at Superpharm and Hebe.
Hebe is the best though!
I loved the way it looked, almost like a higher end cosmetics store (at least here in Europe) it had a lot of different European drugstore brands and also some Korean items!

My favorite Shower gel, already stocked up in France though
I was so happy to go there and shop for some Korean stuff in person.
They had Purederm, Lomilomi, I Want and another brand I forgot the name of (because it was so expensive, that’s why!).
Once again I forgot to take photographs, sometimes all that beauty is simply too much for me!
We must have lifted up and read the labels of every single Korean product we found in Hebe, just how I like it!
They have a wide variety of masks of all kind and for some reason about 10 different types of make up removing wipes.
I wanted to buy everything but with a lot of will power I only bought about half of the store.

All in all the day was super fun!
I loved being able to shop with someone else (and in person!) and talk about beauty things.
I really hope I can do something like this again, and meet Ladymoonlight another time as well.

Purederm Exfoliating Foot mask
Purederm Collagen eye zone mask
Purederm Spot reducer gel patches
I Want Stem cell by plants Travel set
Lomolomi Acerola Sheet mask
Delia Dairy Fun Bath salts in caramel apple
Eveline SOS Cherry Lip balm SPF 20
Tolpa Dermo Face Lipido eye cream
Pharmaceris Night Cream with Mandelic acid 5%
Pharmaceris Ultra Sensilium for sensitive skin
Pharmaceris Multi -Soothing cream for dry skin and rosacea
Green Pharmacy Soothing vanishing cream
Inglot eye liner gel in red
Revlon Parfumerie polish in Pink Pineapple

Is there anyhthing you would like me to review first?
Have you encountered wonderful skin care in unexpected places?

And now if you excuse me, I need to go rejoice in my pile of goodies!