Etude House Mini Color Pop Tint comparison, shade P9, P10, P12

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Etude House Color Pop shiny tint mini comparison (2g)
3 in 1 magic tint that is light as tint, moisturized as gloss and vivid as lipstick.
 Remains gorgeous lips with excellent long lasting power for hours.
Spreads onto lips smoothly and creates moisturized and flexible lips without stickiness

[How to use]
Apply moderate amount to lips with a tip.
Re - apply to the center of lips like tapping lightly for more volume on lips.

Full shade selection
I have reviewed one of these little cuties before (see here) in the shade P12.
I liked it so much that I decided to buy Mother and Cousin one as well and put it into an Asian cosmetics goodie bag.

Etude House Mini Color Pop Tint comparison P10, P9, P12
P9, P10, P12
That is what happens if you only see your family once a year!
Goodie bags for everyone!
And of course as soon as they tried them I had to hijack their tints to do a comparison review.
I bought Cousin P10 (I secretly tricked her into choosing her favorite. ha!) and Mother P9.

Etude House Mini Color Pop Tint comparison P10, P9
Regular sized doe foot applicator
These two shades are just as nice to use as the Burgundy one!
They are creamy and smooth, the color applies evenly, easily and is surprisingly opaque.
Since P12 wasn’t as dark as the promo picture I wasn’t sure how these lighter colors would perform, but they held up great.

Etude House Mini Color Pop Tint comparison

P10 even shows up on my dark lips and is a beautiful nude shade for Cousin who has really fair skin.
P9 is a brighter pink but still looks very natural on Mother, she was using Etude House Cherry tint in PK001 and it is super duper bright and not very flattering on her to be honest (review coming soon).

Etude House Mini Color Pop Tint comparison
P10 on the left and P9 on the right
I really like these tints and I wish they would release the mini color selection in full size as well.
Mother wanted a full size immediately, but when I received the full tint in the closest color to P9 I could find, it wasn’t really the same.
Let’s hope she doesn’t notice!

Ingredients: I couldn’t find any

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha
These are super cute and super cheap. They work great and the color range is very beautiful. I believe they are a great gift and a good way to experiment with new lip colors

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