Innisfree It's Real Royal Jelly Mask review

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The Innisfree It's Real Royal Jelly Mask is a mask infused with a royal jelly and herb complex water. This mask has nourishing and brightening effects. With a high amount of nutrients and moisturizers, this mask effectively protects skin from pollution and stress to give a radiant, healthy and glowing looking skin. 20 ml.
How to Use:
Wash face then apply toner. Apply mask onto face and leave for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove then gently massage to absorb excess solution. 

innisfree It's Real Royal Jelly Mask

As you may already know, I am not a huge fan of sheet masks.
They are pieces of cloth moistly sitting on my face for 30 minutes to an hour.
Not really what I consider a good time!
I have tried a few though so, I think I can compare sheet masks from different styles, brands and countries.
To be honest most sheet masks are more or less the same.
They hydrate your skin, some more than others and sometimes they even give you a wonderful glow.
Since that refreshing feeling of sheet masks is only really pleasant to me in 30+ weather, not something that happens everyday, I prefer to use wash off or sleeping packs instead.
Sheet masks 1920s style!
Of course I am not writing this review just to tell you how average and underwhelming sheet masks are for me. OK, maybe a little, but almost the opposite.
Yes, most sheet masks are simply and absolutely Meh for me, so when my friend sent me this mask telling me she loves it I was a little skeptical.
So I had it laying around for a few weeks when I decided to finally try it out.
This stuff is amazing!
For one it isn't actually wet, Hooray!
The masks is covered with essence of course, but it is indeed a milky white almost slimy substance.

Innisfree It's Real Royal Jelly Mask
Delicious milk of goodness!
I know this might not sound super appetizing but you are not supposed to eat the thing, right!
The masks material is very soft, a little on the thick side and velvety, as mentioned before, soaked in a balmy and smooth essence.
It smells like fermented fruit but in a pleasant way, similar to Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, almost like honey and sweet flowers but not that sugary and strong.
I really enjoyed the smell to be honest, it reminded me of delicious memories I can’t recall.
It was very soothing when applied and felt hydrating and moist without dripping all over me.
It had enough essence to also add to my neck and chest area.
I left it on for around an hour and it didn’t dry out, I got bored then so I took it off.

Innisfree It's Real Royal Jelly Mask
Partly rubbed in on the right
All in all this sheet mask really stood out to me, it felt different than other masks and made my skin feel very good!
My skin was slightly tacky after taking it off but it sank in quickly.
It definitely gave my face a boost of hydration and soothyness which it always needs.
This has become my favorite sheet mask yet, and the only one so far I am happy to buy in bulk!

Ingredients: Coming soon

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Do you love or hate sheet masks?
What are your favorites and why did they stand out?