Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream review

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Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream

When I saw this CC Cream while browsing around Roseroseshop I stopped, gasped and put it in my cart faster than I could say OH-MY-GOD-A-ZOMBIE-CC-CREAM-I-NEED-IT-IN-MY-LIFE!

Why was I so excited you say?
Well have you seen the packaging and the name?
How can one not love this?
Ok so yeah, I love to try some weird themed and cutely packaged products, but so far I have only had success with that scheme.

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream
Comes with a small security cap
 I don’t like foundation, I really don’t.
When I was younger and started wearing make up I couldn’t find any shades that suit my skin tone. Not only was/is there no suitable foundation shade for Women of color available in German drugstores but my skin type makes using foundation not fun.
I know that most skin types actually look better with the right foundation but some don’t.
And my skin is one of those fussy types.

No one wants to see me looking like this
I am not saying that my skin is so perfect it looks better without anything, and far from it!
It is just so dry and scaly that all the imperfections become much more visible when foundation is applied to it.

A few years ago I received a free Missha BB Cream though and my relationship with foundation products changed a little. By this time I was so pale, due to prolonged illness, that the shades available actually matched my skin tone.
For some reason BB Creams, probably due to some secret magic ingredients, don’t accentuate flaws as badly making my face look acceptable with it on!

So after 2 years of not wearing anything at all but a little bit of powder I finally found something I could use for special occasions.
You are probably wondering now why I am telling you this?
Well, CC Creams changed my life and I love them very very much!

J Dilla and CC Creams!
Some time after trying my first BB Cream CC Creams came out on the market. Considering the fact that they had less coverage than BB Creams I was very interested.
Indeed these wonderful products are fantastic for someone who doesn’t like foundation!

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream
It comes in a vacuum type pump bottle
I have tried a few CC Creams by now and Etude House Super Collagen CC Cream is my favorite so far.
Even though the Zombie CC Cream is completely different I really really like it as well.
It is a color adjusting CC Cream, white at first with little black dots inside of it.

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream
Speckles of magic
Usually I am not a fan of this type since they are too ghostly looking (I already have enough of those so I don’t need more!).
When swatched it on my hand and rubbed in a little it turns a quite hideous shade of orange.

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream swatch
Looks more orange swatched in real life!
When I did this for the first time I seriously questioned my judgment and thought I made a huge mistake buying it.
For some mysterious reason it adapts perfectly to my skin color when applied to my face.
I have no idea how it does that but I won’t question it!
It also doesn’t have too much brightening powers so it doesn’t make my face look too pale or grey.  Which is quite funny since that is what I would expect from a product called Zombie cream!
I tried this CC Cream on me, Johnny and our bellies as well as our faces.
The reasoning behind this is that they are all different shades, my belly being the darkest (darker than my face or arm) and Johnnys belly being the lightest (darker than his face or arm).
The CC cream blended flawlessly on all my body parts, and it was a little too dark for Johnnys belly, otherwise it blended in fine.

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream
Apparently it was weird arm day
I also applied it to Johnnys face to see if it would adapt better than his arm since I thought it looked a little orange there.
As you can see (or not) the CC Cream blends in perfectly!

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream
I smeared the CC Cream on his face while he was lending me his arm for swatching.
The finish is neither dewy nor matte but a natural healthy skin texture, this can be altered by using high lighters, primers or powders of course.
It is quite thick in texture and smells like very subtle sweet creaminess of some kind.

Sometimes I apply it with my fingers by rubbing them together and when the color shows up I put it on my face. I prefer to use it with a beauty blender when I have time though.
I put some on my hand, rub it in so the color turns and dab it on my face, afterwards I blend it with the sponge.

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream face
I am only wearing eyeliner and CC Cream
I don’t use any concealer with this since I simply add another layer or two onto problem areas and then blend again. This works really great, but if I have a non hideable blemish I mix some concealer into my CC Cream and use that mixture instead.
I was surprised on the coverage powers of this product. It does not cover as much as a BB Cream or foundation but more than most CC Creams and tinted moisturizers.
It layers really well and still looks incredibly natural.
Most people are surprised when I tell them I am wearing a foundation product since it blends in flawlessly with my skin.
So even after the initial skepticism towards this CC Cream it does make my skin look really nice.
I can really not ask more than that!

Welcos Killing me Zombie CC Cream
Full face
I am wearing the Welcos CC Cream,  Heng Fang Balm Lipstick in #2 Burgundy red also used as blush and an eye liner pen from Bornprettystore.

PH: 6
Ingredients: Here

Rating: 1.Blegh  2. Pff  3. Meh  4. Oohh  5. Awwyeah 6. Wooha

Purchased at Roseroseshop

And the good news is that since it came as a set I will put the deluxe sample into my next Giveaway pack!
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